You’re cold? Imagine how unwanted pets feel

 It’s hard to image that even in the worst of Cape Town’s winter, little puppies and kittens – and old, tired or sick animals – are thrown out or abandoned … as if they can’t feel the cold or feel pain. It’s brutal. That’s why we need your help – and online donation, made by clicking here: so we can get to all animals in distress.



No matter how miserable it is outside – or what it takes to rescue pets in extreme weather – your gift now will help ensure that animals keep getting help – day and night.

Colder weather also means more heating, more supplies and more outreach – which means more electricity, more medical care for cold, sickly pets, more nourishing food for recovery … the list goes on! You can see why your support and online donation will mean so much.

Please click here to make your donation, so it can get to work for animals right now.



One of the rewards of adopting a rescued animal is that you are saving a life and giving a deserving animal a new home. At the Cape of Good Hope SPCA we believe that life isbetter shared, and the best expression of this is to adopt a pet.

“They say all dogs go to heaven, but not all people do…”

Myra is a small gentle dog, but when her family was in danger, she didn’t hesitate to protect them. Myra placed herself between a gun and her family, taking a bullet that shattered her leg to pieces.

To report cruelty call 021 700 4158/9 or A/H 083 326 1604


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