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You don’t know this –
but the other day you helped save a dog’s life

It’s true that you weren’t there when Minion escaped from his owner’s yard and ran out onto the street – right into the path of a passing bakkie.

But we were – ready to respond the moment the dog’s distraught owner contacted us for help – thanks to support from friends like you.

Inspector Jeffrey rushed to the scene right away. He found the owner crouched at the side of the road beside a small black and white dog, bleeding profusely from a deep wound to the head; the skin had been almost ripped off, exposing the little dog’s skull.

After cleaning and disinfecting the wound, our vet carefully stitched the skin back over the exposed skull. Minion then went into a cosy recovery cage.

And miraculously, 24 hours later, the little dog was sitting up and ready for his breakfast!

We kept Minion for just over a week while he recovered. By then, the fur on his head was already growing back – and when his owner came to collect him, he literally danced around for joy.

When an animal’s life hangs in the balance, it takes teamwork to save it. And, as one of our generous supporters, you’re a vital member of Team SPCA.



One of the rewards of adopting a rescued animal is that you are saving a life and giving a deserving animal a new home. At the Cape of Good Hope SPCA we believe that life isbetter shared, and the best expression of this is to adopt a pet.

“They say all dogs go to heaven, but not all people do…”

Myra is a small gentle dog, but when her family was in danger, she didn’t hesitate to protect them. Myra placed herself between a gun and her family, taking a bullet that shattered her leg to pieces.

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