What would you have done?

Before you read this, please look into the eyes of this starving horse and decide if you’re willing to let him go

That’s what members of our Horse Care Unit had to do recently. In their hearts they thought he wouldn’t make it – but they refused to give up on him.

Even though Rosso (as we named him) was in such terrible condition he had to lean against a wall to keep from falling over . . .

Even though he was too weak to eat, and had to be hand-fed tiny meals and an electrolyte solution eight times a day . . .

Even though it meant sleepless nights to provide round the clock care . . .

We didn’t hesitate to do everything we could to save this horse’s life. Quite frankly, with the best hearts in the world, we couldn’t save horses like Rosso with love and care alone.

And that’s why I’m hoping you’ll join our circle of most generous supporters – our Best Friends – this year, by clicking here to donate towards this special project.

Because, it costs money to pay for lucerne, oats, horse cubes and special nutrients for horses.

Add farrier costs . . . veterinary treatment . . . bedding for the stables . . . halters and other tack . . . specialist equine dentistry . . . gelding – and you’ll understand why we need your help so badly.

And the high cost of lucerne and other feeds makes them even less affordable for owners living on the breadline.

Those that care about their horses – and there are many who do – bring them to the SPCA rather than watch them starve. And that puts even more pressure on our slender resources.

That’s why I hope you’ll click here to join Best Friends this year, with a contribution of R600 or more.


One of the rewards of adopting a rescued animal is that you are saving a life and giving a deserving animal a new home. At the Cape of Good Hope SPCA we believe that life isbetter shared, and the best expression of this is to adopt a pet.

“They say all dogs go to heaven, but not all people do…”

Myra is a small gentle dog, but when her family was in danger, she didn’t hesitate to protect them. Myra placed herself between a gun and her family, taking a bullet that shattered her leg to pieces.

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