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 How could anyone deliberately hurt a little puppy like this?


If you haven’t already seen this story in the media, what I’m about to tell you may make you sad and angry. But we have to share it with you anyway.

Because we need to know that you’ll stand with us on this and other despicable cases of animal cruelty by making your donation right now.

Can you believe a woman deliberately flung this puppy from a 4th storey flat? When confronted by our Inspector, she was completely unrepentant. She claimed she had mistaken the puppy for rubbish.

This was no mistake.

Against all odds, when our Inspector reached the puppy she was still alive . . . just.

But she was unable to move and clearly in a lot of pain. As gently as he could, he picked her up and carried her to his van. Back at the SPCA, our veterinarian immediately administered pain medication, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. The puppy had a broken leg and neurological damage consistent with a fall from a great height.

We called her Hope, and for a while it looked as if we could save her. We even had a new home lined up. But then tragedy struck . . . Hope suffered a relapse and died.

If anything, it’s made us even more determined to seek justice for her. We’ve laid charges against her owner at the Lansdowne Police Station – and we’ll do everything in my power to make sure this woman never has the chance to hurt another defenceless animal again.

Horrific cases like this highlight how crucial it is to keep our SPCA Inspectors equipped and ready to respond at a moment’s notice when an animal is hurt . . . starving . . . lost or abandoned . . . or in danger of drowning or dying of cold.

And the truth is we need your help – and your donation made here – to do this.

When you think that a single tank of fuel for an Inspector’s van now costs over R900, you’ll see why we can’t carry on without support from animal lovers like you.

Fuel, emergency veterinary supplies, equipment like protective gloves, cages and catchpoles all cost money. And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll make your donation now.

Because the case we’ve shared with you here is just one of hundreds that our 12 Inspectors respond to every week. With your help, they are able to rescue countless animals from terrible suffering, and give them a second chance of a happy life. So please, will you give as generously as you can right now?

Thank you for supporting our work and adding to our ‘voice’ for animals that can’t speak for themselves.


One of the rewards of adopting a rescued animal is that you are saving a life and giving a deserving animal a new home. At the Cape of Good Hope SPCA we believe that life isbetter shared, and the best expression of this is to adopt a pet.

“They say all dogs go to heaven, but not all people do…”

Myra is a small gentle dog, but when her family was in danger, she didn’t hesitate to protect them. Myra placed herself between a gun and her family, taking a bullet that shattered her leg to pieces.




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