Don’t tell me not to cry – for artist’s son

I thought you were lost when you were found
Lying on that filthy ground
You moved you’re head and looked at me
Your eyes told a story
Depicting no glory
Please don’t cry for me i was told

Your body so thin
Legs so weak
Young but way past your peak
You walk alongside us meek and mild
Once we had lifted you like a child
Please don’t tell me not to cry

Your wounds are raw, the pain you endure
still you greet with a soft mutter
My heart began to flutter
Please do not tell me not to cry
Your spirit was rare
You showed such flair
Making it clear
You would not be messed about
Greeted new friends
Lowered your head to be fed
the lush, green lucerne
Please do not tell me not to cry

I found you lying as before
My heart strings they tore
As you lifted your head
This you said
The final chapter is nearly read
I only wish to lie on my bed
The straw is soft and i feel well fed
Please do not tell me not to cry

I held your head in my arms
Beads of sweat on my palms
I told you humans are very bad
You blinked your eyes and said that’s so sad
But that you were really glad
You had this time with me
Please do not tell me not to cry

With a soft, mournful sound you had your final say
My only wish is to get to play
If i may, for one more day
I wiped cool water over your dusty nose
This is not what you chose
Please do not tell me not to cry.

You have touched my soul
You have played your role
My heart is broken
But you have spoken
Please do not tell me not to cry
Over the pale cool moon you run
A ray of light marking where the sun
Abandoned the earth off on a different run
Your muscles ripple and your legs are strong.
You shake your head and sing this song
Please do not cry!