‘Backyard breeding’ … even the term sounds sordid. And it is: this is an industry that sees puppies as products; and more ‘product’ means more money. That’s why we call them puppy mills.

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Truth is, puppy factories see dogs as machines to produce litter after litter – as if that’s all they’re good for. We’ve found mother dogs riddled with cancer, others old and weak, still being used for breeding. It’s brutal and we want to put a stop to it.


It’s also a cruel game of deceit and greed, of unsavoury characters who won’t take their sick ‘stock’ to the vet – but will sell them anyway. As long as the puppies fetch a price. These people literally breed for greed! And we’ve lost count of the people who were duped and paid dearly for their puppies, in heartbreak and in financial loss.

Puppies are sold through adverts and pet shops, spruced up to look their best. Or they’re peddled on the streets. Only recently we intercepted someone hawking puppies in the city – and all of them were sick.

Sometimes well-meaning folk buy animals off the streets out of pity. Others simply want a puppy and are misled by phrases like ‘registered’, ‘responsible’ or ‘love for the breed’. Love does not put profit above a dog’s well-being.

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