As of the end of May
2016, more than 1 000
dogs and cats have been
sterilised in our Mass Animal
Sterilisation Programme (MASP),
which kicked off in Atlantis on
23 February 2016. This
intervention is a huge step
forward in controlling pet overpopulation
– and the resulting
cruelty and neglect of unwanted
animals in this area.

Every pair of cats sterilised
now could mean up to 420 000
fewer kittens being born over the
next 7 years; although they don’t
breed as quickly, just one pair of
unsterilised dogs could result in
67 000 puppies being born over
the next 6 years.
Making the local people aware
of these facts – especially school
children who see our Anipals
Puppet Show – has a definite
impact in promoting
responsible pet ownership, as
well as addressing the evils of
dog fighting. By the end of the
project, over 4 000 children will
have been reached.
Once the MASP campaign
ends, the SPCA, together with
Peoples Dispensary for Sick
Animals (PDSA), will continue
to provide a service to the
community. In this way, we hope
to ensure a greatly improved life
for pets in disadvantaged areas.
City’s co-funding and Nussbaum
Foundation’s magnanimous
contributions made this possible