Stranded seals

Sub Antarctic fur seal Aug 09







It is absolutely normal for
seals to rest on the rocks or beach
after being out at sea for days
foraging for food. They may rest
for 24 hours and even longer,
basking in the sun. Unlike whales
or dolphins on the beach, seals do
not need to be kept wet. Please
don’t pour water over them! In
fact, it’s best not to interfere
with them in any way – unless
there are obvious signs of injury
(bleeding from a wound or
If you believe that the seal
needs help, call our Wildlife Unit
on 021 700 4220. Do not try to
catch the seal yourself – not only
could you suffer a severe bite,
but you could cause the animal
further stress, and stress kills
wild animals.

Fledgling owls on
the ground
Young owls that are ready
to fly often land on the ground.
If you can see the parent birds
(normally high up in a tree
keeping watch over their baby),
it’s best to leave the fledgling
alone. The parents will feed and
protect it until it finds its wings.
If the bird is very young (very
fluffy white or grey with no
patterning on the feathers) or you
have dogs or cats that might harm
the bird, please contact our Wildlife
Unit who will remove it and care
for it until it is ready to fly.