cowsheepSincere thanks to all
compassionate members
of the public who call the
SPCA when they witness acts of
animal cruelty. Be assured that
our Inspectors will respond to
cases such as this recent horrific
incident in which a cow and
five sheep were spotted being
transported in the back of a

The Inspectors’ first priority is
to try and alleviate the suffering of
the animals. In this case, there was
nothing they could do for the cow,
which died where it lay in the
hot metal bakkie bin. One of the
sheep was so badly injured that it
had to be euthanised on site.
Too often, the offenders in
cases like this display absolutely
no remorse. It’s up to us to send
a clear message that cruelty to
animals is against the law and
will not be tolerated.

If you see or suspect that an
animal is being ill treated, abused
or neglected, please call our
Inspectorate on 021 700 4158/9.
Animal lovers like you are the
eyes and ears of the SPCA and
we need your help to enforce
the rights of all animals to be
treated with compassion and