Once the taps are turned off the city will move into full scale Emergency Stage 3 and it is unknown when they will be turned on again – one thing that is for certain is the fact we all need to learn to live with very little water. On Day Zero water to homes and businesses will be cut off and only vital services will receive water i.e. hospitals; clinics and stand pipes in informal settlements.

The CoGH SPCA take and cares for the most animals across the Cape Metropole be they wild, domesticated or farm animals. As such we do require vast amounts of water reserves to prepare for Day Zero and beyond.


If you are able to donate water please drop off at our premises at the CoGH SPCA in Grassy Park or our SPCA Vet Shop in Plumstead.


The CoGH SPCA will continue to operate during this crisis and provide its much needed services to the entire Cape Metropole.

Our recommendations for pet owners and animal lovers would be the following.

• Provide cold water at all times.
• NEVER leave your animals in a car at any time of the year.
• Offer your dogs a covered area outside which adequately protects them from direct sunlight.
• Please ensure your pool is equipped with a secure, animal friendly pool cover to prevent any animals in need of cooling down from potentially falling into water and drowning.
• Just like us, our pets will need hydration and we recommend buying still water if you haven’t already started and store it for Day Zero and beyond. We understand this is an additional expense but it is an absolute necessity.
• Wild animals will also require our care – please leave flat trays with water outside for birds, lizards and even snakes – this will ensure snakes do not try come inside your home in their search for hydration.

If you are able to donate water please come by and drop off at our premises at the CoGH SPCA in Grassy Park or help donate towards our water reserves here ( Ref: WATER )

PLEASE CALL 021 700 4158/9 or a/h on 083 326 1604 for any assistance should you see an animal in distress.

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