2018 heralds a new era at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA as Mqabuko Moyo Ndukwana is appointed the CEO of South Africa’s largest and oldest animal welfare.

Having worked at the organisation for 12 years, we have no doubt the CoGH SPCA will flourish under his charge.

Moyo’s unwavering integrity, passion and broader vision will see his tenure further cementing the CoGH SPCA as the leading proponent for changing attitudes towards the treatment of all creatures and animal welfare issues at large.

If we track Moyo’s career trajectory this new role is only fitting for a man who has dedicated his life to upholding the rights of animals with the utmost dedication and unwavering commitment, no matter the challenges.

Moyo Ndukwana says of his passion for animal welfare, “I would say I was born to do it. From early childhood I’ve always loved animals. Growing up all I wanted to study was animal science.
I wrote my thesis on animal nutrition and how small farmers could improve the
way they feed their livestock. Even then, I wanted to help animals – I can’t understand
how people can ill-treat them. “

He holds an Honours degree in Animal Science and a BPhil in Sustainable Development. He also possesses various qualifications in Financial Management and Project Management, among others. Showcasing his steadfast work ethic and relentless thirst for knowledge, upon completion of an intensive series of NSPCA inspectorate courses and examinations, Moyo rapidly advanced to the position of Senior Inspector which saw him heading up the 24/7 emergency centre responding to all manner of cases across the Cape Metropole, many life threatening in nature. Above the day to day emergency response and management of such a critical service, Moyo has been integral in compiling case evidence which has seen animal abusers successfully prosecuted for contravention of the Animals Protection Act thereby paving the way for future legislation/by-law amendments.

On his appointment Ndukwana commented, “It is with great humility and appreciation that I accepted the appointment from the Board as the new CEO of the CoGH SPCA. It is a sense of honour and ultimate trust that the Board has vested this responsibility in me and I will strive my level best to ensure that the CoGH SPCA excels in all aspects of animal welfare under my custodianship. I am confident of such success through the collective wisdom of the Board and the Management Team- who are all dedicated to the cause of animal welfare and all want to see the CoGH thrive.”

The CoGH SPCA mandate first and foremost serves to prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals. On encountering any creature our first act of kindness is towards the animals in our care.

All animals in our care need to have a safe and comfortable species derived environment that will enable their rehabilitation and promote wholeness. The way we treat animals in our care will be a reflection of the kind world that we envision and strive to work for every single day.

What we do matters, and matters even more now than ever!