As the 60th jubilee anniversary of the Miss South Africa pageant approaches, tails were wagging with happiness when current Miss South Africa 2017 Dr. Adè van Heerden stopped by to spend a morning with our animals.

The down to earth Adè immediately got up close and personal with our VIPs ( very important pups ) and dished out loads of love to some of the gorgeous dogs and kittens available for adoption.
Touring the state of the art Animal Care Centre, Ade had a chance to meet the staff who ensure each animal has a second chance for a happy life.

As an avid animal lover Adè was visibly moved seeing some of the horses in our farmyard “To see such beautiful animals discarded and neglected is absolutely heart-breaking – each life has meaning and these animals all deserve to be valued and treated with the utmost kindness.”

The CoGH SPCA cares for some 500 animals on their premises daily and staff work 24/7 to ensure they give each animal the care and love they each deserve.
If you are considering getting a family pet please contact Adoptions on 021 700 4152 or visit to make a difference to a rescue animal.