CoGH SPCA oversees 1450 sterilisations in annual Wallacedene MASP

26th of July 2018 – Animal welfare organisations in partnership with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA once again joined forces to conduct a annual Mass Animal Sterlisation Project (MASP) generously funded by the City of Cape Town in the Wallacedene community. Launched on the 3rd of April 2018, running for a total of 14 weeks and concluding on the 4th of July 2018, the MASP saw a total of 1, 450 animals undergoing sterilsation procedures and vaccinations.

This ongoing programe is a vital component in the fight against cruelty by offering continued education of pet owners in order to highlight the importance of sterilisation, basic pet care ( i.e. supplying adequate food, water and shelter) and veterinary care to ensure a healthy environment for both animals and humans alike.

The CoGH SPCA is dedicated to continuing their support to the less priviledged by providing mobile clinics to this community and other adjacent areas, offering treatment for their pet’s primary health care needs.

MASP project manager, CoGH SPCA CEO Moyo Ndukwana says of the project, “The extraordinary contribution of all partners in particular the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, the Animal Anti Cruelty League, The Animal Rescue Organisation, the Animal Welfare Society Philippi, EnviroVet CVC and the PDSA is acknowledged with huge gratitude and reverence.”