Life can change in the blink of an eye, it’s said. And though it took a little longer than that for the dreadful wound round Chico’s neck to heal, his life has changed beyond recognition. Within a few weeks he went from a neglected, miserable dog, living at the end of a chain, to a beloved and spoilt family pet!

When Inspector Jeffrey found Chico in Seawinds, this young dog had a padlocked chain around his neck that had dug deep into the flesh. Goodness knows how long he had been tied up there – but it’s safe to say he hadn’t known much kindness in his short life.

Here at the SPCA, his injury was treated and he was encouraged to play and interact with staff and volunteers. It wasn’t long before his joyful nature revealed itself; he seemed to have forgotten his early experience of humans and was more than happy to love us.



Chico soon caught the eye of prospective new owners and we were delighted when the home check was passed and this brave and happy chap went home with his new family. We know he will bring his new owners much joy, laughter and love in return for the home he so truly deserves.