Max and his owner, Nadia, live on the streets and share a very special bond. Despite their unusual lifestyle, Max is in very good condition; in fact, Nadia is known to go without food herself if she only has enough for one.

So you can imagine her distress when she woke up one morning to find her best friend in obvious pain and barely able to walk. She had absolutely no means to help him, but fortunately a friend of hers had heard about the SPCA and reached out to us to see if we could help.

A veterinary examination revealed that a pin from a previous surgery on Max’s leg had migrated. The dog needed urgent surgery to remove the pin and alleviate his pain. This was successfully done at our Animal Clinic and a few days later, Max was well enough to go ‘home’ to Nadia, who he was clearly missing.

Without support from friends like you, we would not be able to offer this important service to animals belonging to indigent people. And their lives would be a lot emptier without the companionship of their faithful four legged friends.