Qurbani Animal Care Guide

The annual religious celebration of Eid-ul-adha (Eid of Sacrifice) is soon to be observed by the local Muslim community, with Qurbani commencing from the 22nd of August 2018 (depending on phase of the moon). The Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA calls on those planning to slaughter sheep, goats or cattle to follow these strict guidelines to ensure that the animals do not suffer unnecessarily.

According to the Animals Protection Act (No.71 of 1962):

  • All animals must be confined in such a manner that allows them adequate space, ventilation, shelter, food and water;
  • No animal should be picked up by its fleece, dragged, hit, chased or prodded;
  • Animals should be restrained humanely while being transported and when being slaughtered;
  • No animal should be tied by its legs with bailing twine and crammed into the back of car boots or laid on their sides in the back of bakkies;
  • When due to be slaughtered, animals should be laid on their sides and not on their backs to avoid distress. Animals should also not be forced to stand or kneel during slaughter;
  • Knives used for the slaughter must also remain extremely sharp so that the slaughtering remains as humane as possible;
  • Only experienced people should perform the slaughtering. Inexperienced, lay persons who attempt to perform the slaughters often cause horrific trauma and pain to the animal.