– even that of a tiny bird

Safe in the gentle hands of Inspector Connor Berning.

Not everyone would climb a 10 metre high roof to rescue a trapped bird. But this brave action is nothing more than we expect from our dedicated Inspectors.

Late last year, a concerned member of the public alerted us to a fledgling in distress in the roof at Maitland Radio Technical. Channeling his inner ‘Indiana Jones’, SPCA Inspector Connor Berning climbed ten metres up into the rafters to reach the distressed bird.
Thankfully Connor was able to free the bird, which had become entangled in some twine, and return it to its nest and its anxious parents.
Mr. Fritz from the SAPS extended his thanks to our team for their work saying, “You put your life in danger to save a bird. You showed no fear to and you impressed my colleagues who are qualified Mast Climbers.”


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