Hilda the goat was apparently destined for sacrifice – but somehow escaped with her life.

We’re not quite sure how a goat ended up on Camps Bay beach with a knife sticking out of her back. Trainee Inspector Owen Abrahams, who responded to the call, took one look at the injured goat and decided to bring her straight back to our animal hospital as she was, rather than attempting to remove the deeply embedded knife himself.
Our vet successfully removed the knife, a wooden handled dagger with red cloth tied around it, and what appeared to be hair knotted into the fabric. We believe Hilda (as we named the goat) was the intended victim of a ritual sacrifice – but how she escaped her fate we’ll never know.
After spending some time recovering in our farmyard, Hilda was adopted by the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary and appears to be none the worse for her ordeal.
After her brush with death, Hilda the goat was adopted by the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary and is now living the most wonderful life.

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