I’m thrilled to share with you that our SPCA has seen an encouraging increase in adoptions – thanks to a new, more focused approach to marketing and further personalising the adoption experience. This means so many more dogs, cats, horses and other animals are getting a second chance of a happy ever after home!

I’m sure you’ll also be as happy as I am that improvements to our humane education efforts are paying off. Read more about our Compassion in Farming project below, and I’ll be sharing exciting changes to our Ani-Pals programme in our next newsletter.

I’ve also increased our mobile clinic services from 4 to 6 days a week, which means we’ll be reaching more animals in poor communities.

Since we assumed responsibility for animal welfare in the Atlantis and Mamre areas, our SPCA has seen an influx in the number of severely neglected and ill-treated horses admitted to our facilities. These animals need specialised intensive care, which has left me with no choice but to go ahead with the construction of a special critical care stable, with a full size equine operating table and a hoist and sling for lifting injured horses.

None of this comes cheap. But if people like you feel as passionately and committed as I am to saving horses whose lives hang in the balance – I believe you’ll rally round to help.

Thank you for being our partner in putting an end to animal cruelty, I sincerely appreciate your support.


Thank you sincerely,



Chief Executive Officer

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