She was only about three years old . . . with all her life still ahead of her. But she was so badly hurt . . .

When we saw her lying there in our stable . . . unable to stand because her hooves had been worn down to the sensitive soft part . . . blood from a deep wound on her back dripping steadily onto the clean sawdust bedding – we knew we would do anything we could to save her.

Lindsay, our Horse Care Unit manager, crouched there in the straw – soothing the horse with gentle words, telling her that she was safe now and we would make it all better.

Only we couldn’t save her.

That’s why we’re pushing ahead with a new Critical Care Stable at our Grassy Park premises. So that horses like Madame Marie can be saved.

Having just taken over the Atlantis and Mamre areas – where back yard racing is rife – we believe she is the first of many similar cases we’ll have to deal with in the coming months.

We need to be ready to give these poor, broken down horses every chance of recovery. That means expensive equipment like hoists and slings to lift and support horses that cannot stand on their own . . . special Glushu horseshoes that protect damaged hooves while they grow . . . and a specialised equine operating table with a pulley/sling system to move horses to and from the theatre.

With your help we can make sure more horses end up with their happy ever afters …


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