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Bear is our Biggest Boy in the cattery! Bear is such a lovebug that everyone who meets him just falls in love! Bear is a chatty, cuddly and loving boy.

[DIABLO]  The chatty one in the cattery, always announcing when new visitors arrive!. We love our beautiful black Diablo.

[PHOEBE]  Fiesty Phoebe, the Lady of the cattery. The big sister takes no prisoners and keeps the rest in line. She enjoys her head rubs!

[LOLLY]  Animated Lolly has lots to do and say! It’s busy work being this cute! This little rascal is easy with other cats, dogs and kids.

Jubilant Joy is a playful, young female DSH. Joy would love a new home with another cat for company. Affectionate cat with an easy-going nature

Luke can be shy and will need a home where he can have the space to thrive into the confident cat we know he is! He enjoys head scratches and sunbathing.

[KIKI] Spirited Kiki is independent but also very loving!  She is active and will need a secure garden. Kiki has a no-nonsense approach with dogs.

[TINY]  Determined to be the main object of your affection!  She is playful, but cautious and will definitely be the most loyal of friends.

Gorgeous Amo enjoys lazing in the winter sun and would make the ultimate winter heater lap cat! He is a lover not a fighter

Superb Sony is one of the most handsome cats we have ever seen! Sony is affectionate, clever and very easygoing.

Shy Sophie is looking for a calm and secure home. Sophie is a dainty and sweet little girl. She needs a calm and understanding home.

Stunning Sindi loves to run and play! Our girl with the most beautiful ears! She is a happy and easy-going girl with lots of love to give!

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