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Amari will happily share her home with other dogs, cats and even kids!. A gentle soul with the biggest brown eyes you will ever see! 

Bouncy Bongi is the happiest boy around! This ball of fun is looking for his forever home with a doggy pal and a lap to jump into!

Dashing Danie was found as a stray and brought into our care by wonderful finders. Danie is not only handsome but very clever as well!

Fabulous Fluffy is an active boy with a big personality! Fluffy was handed in as his family was moving and were unable to care for him.

Brilliant Bar One is such an enthusiastic student and sporty boy! He is looking for the perfect breed-familiar home! He is not a fan of cats.

Box enjoys her chewies and is an excitable dog! Box is not a fan of cats and needs a special home where she can thrive.  

Fantastic Frankie is our dashing German Shepard. Frankie enjoys his walks and handles really well on his lead! A a real character! 

Fabulous Fruity is the ultimate definition of a happy-go-lucky dog! She adored her playtime and training sessions and has such fun energy!

[JO] Always happy and ready for her walks! Jo is a sweet and intelligent collie crossbreed. Jo would love to play in your garden and sitting in for treats.

Jake has not had the easiest start to life and is seeking a home where he will be loved and taught about only the good things in life! 

[BERNADETTE] Smiles at everyone she meets! This mature lady is looking for a home where she can relax at your feet and go for her daily strolls.

Johnny is looking for his perfect family where he will be part of the household. He is clever, loving and so clever! He is a ball of energy and enjoys his walks.

Lucky is an outgoing, social butterfly who will be the most fun-loving new member of your family! ! A bouncy little ball of fun! 

Rover, an SPCA celebrity who was rescued from a strong current in a canal. He has the gentlest nature and has so much love to give.

King of his Kingdom! If you are looking for a foot warmer, a cuddler or someone just to chat to after a long day, Kingston is the one for you!

Squinty Scoobs is a social, playful load of fun! Scoobs is a unique looking boy with lots of personality! He has his eye(s) on the ball!

Lovely Lola is the happiest girl around! She is always happy and ready to play! She is lively and loving too! Lola will brighten your spirits right up!

Malin-meaning little strong warrior was the 3rd of 4 to be unchained. Affectionately named by our SPCA supporters. Malin’s future looks bright!

Misha meaning Gift of God was the 2nd of 4 to be unchained.  He runs with the spirit of a free bird! Leaving his horrible past behind and looking only onwards!

Masterful Mona is an expert in playing, running and learning new tricks! What more could an adventurous and outgoing person need in a dog?

Bean enjoys two things in life: playing and belly rubs! After being nursed back to health, this happy, chatty little collie cross is now Mr Personality!

Bashful Benjamin is a Big Baby. Our gentle and softest boy needs a patient and understanding home, where he can reach his full potential.

Bubbly Butternut is a playful and lovable ball of fun! What a treasure she is!  typical Jack Russell with a bubbly personality and active, playful nature.

Bold and bouncy Cheeky is growing into a confident, playful and happy boy! Cheeky’s charismatic nature will bring delight into your family home!

Energetic Eddie is a playful, wriggly ball of fun! This young, happy boy is ready to zigzag into your family home!  Suited for a home with older children.

Typical Jack Russell, Run, run as fast as you can, with little legs that can keep up with his running buddies. This sweet boy is also a cuddler too!

Nimble Nelli is light on her feet and loves her walks and playtime! Nelli is an active and chatty girl with a fun-loving personality!

Mature Tootsie is as gentle as they come! Happy to relax at your feet while you read or knit, and will trot alongside you on a stroll around the block.

How about adopting an SPCA celebrity?

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