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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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Found wandering the streets as a stray in July 2018, this special boy watched nearly 2000 of his friends come and go as they left with their forever families, while he remained behind. Flash waited patiently in his kennel every day, wearing his cutest look and doing his cute little dance for every Adoption Centre visitor.


We knew he would win someone’s heart eventually – and it had to be a special heart because Flash is completely deaf. He needed a patient, understanding family, willing to invest the time and energy necessary to learn how to communicate with him.


During his time at the SPCA, our on-site Animal Behaviourist, Nicole Nel taught Flash how to respond to hand signals and opened a whole new world for this boy. Finally he had a way to take instruction and do what every dog lives to do – please his people!


Our sincerest thanks go to the beautiful family who made room in their home and hearts for this very special boy. Flash left us with a really valuable life lesson: Never, ever give up! Life really can change in a flash!

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SPCA 2021.02 - Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - Flash

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