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Happy Homings – June Edition

Possibly the best part of everything we do at the SPCA is our Happy Homings.

To see the joy on the faces of the new families and the sheer delight of the animals they adopt makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile. 

Many of the animals who come through our doors have been rescued from situations of such diabolical cruelty it is hard to imagine.

Others have endured traumas such as abandonment, bereavement from a deceased and beloved owner, getting lost and finding themselves stray… their hearts beat as ours and they feel emotions just as deeply. 

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Happy Homings celebrate so many different aspects of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, including the Animal Hospital, the Inspectors, and the Animal Care Centre.

The happiness we experience every week is the combination of the organisation working like a well-oiled machine.

And with all of the hard work that goes into ensuring our animals are placed in the right homes, seeing so many animals going home every week makes it all worthwhile!

These past few weeks we have received the sweetest winter updates about how cute and cozy so many of our animals are in their new homes!

Many of the animals that come through our doors have never experienced a warm home, and this will be their first winter indoors, snuggled up with their family members.

So many animals never get the chance. But, we are so grateful for the wonderful families who chose to adopt instead of shopping!

We received happy updates from Hunter, Pam, Sky, and Snoopy. Look at how warm and cozy they all are in their beds, and tucked into their blankets! 


Hunter and Indie love their playdates!
Hunter, Harry, D'Arcy are all happy cousins


Pam snuggling with her bestie Spot
Pam snuggling with her other bestie, Teddy


Sky with her doting mom!
Sky with her best friend!


Snoop has found himself the best home!
Snoop loves being tucked in.


Donna the German Shepherd Dog and her two siblings even get to cuddle on the bed with her fabulous parents!

Sweet Donna loves to snuggle with her GSD siblings!
Darling Donna off with her forever mom!
Donna going home with her wonderful GSD friends!

We waved goodbye to bouncy Noodle, sweet Judy and little London, happily off to their fur-ever homes. We also were so happy to say a fond farewell to dear Chorus, Roxy and Cesar who also trotted off to their SPCA-loving families. What lucky boys and girls!

Young pups Spuddy, Nancy, Girly and Polar were so excited to wriggle into their new families arms! We also said goodbye to Snooki and old man Maltese Oubaas.

We have two more adoptions to celebrate this week!



Wally was adopted from another SPCA into our area. Sadly, the situation did not work out and sweet Wally was returned to us. His family was devastated and very concerned about his well being. Along came his forever family! They had adopted a dog from the SPCA a few years ago, and their older daughter married and took their family dog with her. So, the wonderful family came back to SPCA and the connection was instant! Wally is so loved and is being cuddled every day!

A Happy Retiree

Another happy adoption was by a very concerned and caring finder. Kim and his family had observed an old Boerboel lying in a field area.

They knew he was cold and needed somewhere safe.

After his arrival at the SPCA, Kim followed up daily to see if anyone had claimed the dear old man. After no-one had, him and his wonderful family decided they wanted to give him a retirement home!

So, off the dear Old-Boy went home, just in time to be warm and cozy before the stormy weekend!

Big boy Boerboel going to his forever home with his wonderful finders

More Heart-Warming Happy Homings This Week

Thank you to our wonderful families who are giving so many dogs and cats their first warm winter!

To think that some of them have never slept indoors before, or felt the warmth of a blanket over their bodies, until they came to the SPCA.

And to think how much better the next step with their new families has been! What a fulfilling moment for us all!

Thank you to all our adopters and if anyone is ready to welcome a new pet into their hearts and homes, please do give us a call on 0217004152 or email at

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    Wally is such a joker!

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