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Some of May’s Happy Homings

“We’ve got the perfect dog/cat for you!” Our best phrase to use, as we excitable contact families looking for the perfect fit! Well, let’s celebrate the many dogs and cats who have found their perfect families, thanks to our Adoption Team’s dedication and our wonderful supporters who choose to adopt!

When we said goodbye to our sweet short legs gang consisting of Biddy, Pepe, Solly, Chloe, Cherry, Cory, Monica and sweet Peanut our hearts were filled with so much joy! We also said goodbye to short legged-honorary member Harold, who is now living with his SPCA sister Ellie! 

Our own Adoptions Supervisor Michelle, fell in love with her short-legged darling named Pam. Pam was handed in as unwanted due to affordability. She was always happy in kennels and would sweetly wag her tail as you walked passed. With the help of resident behaviourist Nicole Nel, Michelle’s three male dogs met sweet Pam and the rest is history! Pam has settled in so well and is being adored by everyone she meets! She may be much shorter than the other dogs, but the boys know she is in charge as she weaves through their legs! If you pop into the Adoption Centre, you may meet sweet Pam or catch her snoozing in the office!

Handsome Vince, Hamilton and Joseph also found homes with their exceptional new families!

Sporty cat, Nala, Lisa and Lilly all left the building to be pampered and spoilt with their wonderful new families! Sweet and sensitive Lassie also found her forever home, after being returned for the third time! Lassie has had such bad luck and through no fault of her own or the families who loved her before. We understand how tough COVID has been for so many. Along came Gus the lab (adopted in 2015) and he was instantly taken with sweet Lassie! We know her home is now forever!

We were ecstatic when our sweet boy King found his forever home! King was our dedicated cat-dog tester and the ultimate stress relief for our staff if they were having a bad day! He is now giving out his glorious love and cuddles to his new family, and is thoroughly enjoying his huge safe garden!

We often have “finders who want to adopt” written on our forms, yet 90% of the time, they just do not follow through. We recently celebrated the wonderful finders who DID follow through and adopt the dogs they found, after we had them spayed/ neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. 

The wonderful Kate adopted both mom and puppy she found! She already had one dog, but after the three met, it was clear they going to be one happy gang!

Sweet Bailey came in after being hit by a car and the wonderful Candice saw it happen! She rushed Bailey to SPCA and after no owner came forward, she immediately wanted to adopt her!

Another sweet JR girl ran frantically into a family’s home. They searched for her family, but no one came forward. They were ready to adopt her into their wonderful new home!

We received happy news from Ace, Tessa, Kwini, Handsome Harry and Happy Hunter!


Thank you to all our adopters and if anyone is ready to welcome a cat, dog, kitten or puppy into their hearts and homes, please do give us a call on 0217004152 or email at

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