Because every tail deserves a happy ending…

Kicking Off the Festive Season with Some Happy Homings

Possibly the best part of everything we do at the SPCA is our Happy Homings.

To see the joy on the faces of the new families and the sheer delight of the animals they adopt makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile. 

Many of the animals who come through our doors have been rescued from situations of such diabolical cruelty it is hard to imagine.

Others have endured traumas such as abandonment, bereavement from a deceased and beloved owner, getting lost and finding themselves stray… their hearts beat as ours and they feel emotions just as deeply. 

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Dear little Franny went home in October and has settled in beautifully to family life with a Jack Rusell brother Boela and two dachshund “worsie” siblings Mia and Ruphus. We received this heart-warming letter with pictures from her new mommy, Nadine:

Franny and Mia (alpha “worsie”) became besties. They love playing ball together and taking a tan in the sun next to each other sharing gossip about the boys.

Ruphus (male “worsie”) developed a crush on her but is too shy when she comes near him. Franny and Boela (male JR) are tugging toys together until one has the head and the other one the backend of the toy.

Franny even became a TikTok star:-

Frannie TikTok 1

Frannie TikTok 2

She loves watching movies in bed – and loves being a commentator while the shows/movies are showing.

Mommy is looking out to get Franny a matching Santa suit (like the rest of the kiddies) for Christmas and she heard the whispers that Santa already listened to their wishes for gifts this year. She has also learned to sleep with her head on the pillow at night and gets tucked in underneath the duvet when it is a chilling cold night.

She also stays with the rest of the babies when mommy needs to go to work. I did leave her outside with the sliding door open the first two times that I was going into work, just to find her the second time inside the house – made a way through the security door to be with her new friends.

After learning what toys are, she has had endless fun playing with toys – knowing that there is a lot upstairs as well as downstairs.

She also learned to use the doggo flap door the second day she was here with her new family.

Franny is a bundle of joy and makes sure she tells you every day how thankful she is for being given a second opportunity in life!

I will definitely remember to share beach moments and Christmas memories with you.

Sending you all tons of love and wishing you a blessed day ahead.

Kind regards

Nadine and the 4x four pawed babies

Zola (now “Mouse”)

New kitty-mommy Amber wrote in with pictures to say: –

I adopted Zola (now named Mouse) in April this year and I wanted to send an email with some photos of him💗. Adopting him was the best decision I’ve made 🙂 He’s an angel! 

We also found our happily e-fur afters

Paco going home
Cleo. Was abandoned on a property. Her son Buzz was adopted a few weeks ago
Carmen on her way home
Contented Cassie cat curled up
Abby cat is so beautiful & being so loved by her family
Abby hard at work

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    Carmen on her way home

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