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One Became Ten

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Dumped on a field in Elsie’s River and abandoned by those she loved – Nina’s only crime was being pregnant.

In her desperation to find a sheltered place to give birth, she forced her way into an impossible situation: she safely delivered her nine puppies but was trapped in a drain with no way out.

Thank goodness her cries were heard from underground and thank goodness they fell on compassionate ears.

Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutshe rescued Nina first. Her pups were in quite a tight spot and it took a long time before Inspector Siyabonga finally had all nine tiny puppies safely above ground.

Nina checked each one over as they were handed to her, then washed and nursed them throughout their journey to the SPCA. There was no doubt about it – Nina loved her puppies, but we wondered who else would? Had Nina been sterilised, we would’ve had only one loving home to find, now we had 10.

Back at the SPCA, Nina and her pups were examined by our Vets and found to be surprisingly unscathed by their near death experience.

Nina was given a warm, safe whelping box and a nutritious diet to ensure that her small body could provide all the nourishment her puppies needed to thrive.

With so many puppies to feed, staff supervision was essential because the puppies had to be constantly weighed and rotated to ensure they were all getting their fair share of mother’s milk.

We have to admit, we were in our element kissing tiny heads and indulging ourselves in that sweet puppy breath smell – we had our own little piece of heaven right here at the SPCA!

And thanks to you, Nina, Noni, Nico, Nomsa, Nelly, Norris, Nora, Noah, Nino and Nunu could all be given a little piece of heaven too. With her pups placed in loving homes, Nina now patiently awaits her own forever family, and given all she has been through, she certainly deserves one.

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Nina and her 9 Puppies at the SPCA

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