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Our beautiful King, Hailey and Emerald were so fortunate to go home with their new doting families. All three adult cats are already being spoiled and receiving so much love! We wish them all the best!

Buddy the Pug, who was thrust into the spotlight after his previous owner was convicted of animal cruelty when a horrendous video surfaced of him swinging poor Buddy around by his back legs. Despite all of the trauma dear Buddy must have endured, he remained a bubbly and happy little dog! He was always happy to meet anyone new and as soon as he was released for Adoptions, we were inundated with calls and emails to meet him. He had several successful meet-and-greets and finally found his absolute perfect family! Buddy is now enjoying his new home, with his lab sister and pug sister, who keeps them all in check! Easy-going Buddy is a larger pug but has the typical lovable little personality that you find with all pugs! We are so grateful to the many members of the SPCA supporters club, who were willing to offer this dear boy a loving home. Every email and call we received was filled with hope and love for sweet Buddy, as well as to thank us for our Inspectorate Department’s hard work. 


Coco the yorkie, was adopted a short while back. His wonderful mom sent us his wonderful story and we would like to share an extract from it:

“Co-Co’s journey with me started in October 2021, when I arrived at the SPCA at Grassy Park to fetch the little scared doggy, who I then named Co-Co.  This day changed our lives forever, and for the good. My entire family’s lives have been touched by this little one. 

At first, with any fast movements, loud sounds or getting too close, he would just hide under furniture closest to him.  After many days of caring, scratches, and soft tone voices, I managed to let him feel safe. Getting up from my seat happened in slow motion because he would run away if I moved too fast or walked past him too quickly.  Everything happened in a slow manner around him.  After lots of hugs and kisses, Co-Co started settling in, comforted by his cosy bed and fluffy toy. 

In the past month, I have seen a drastic change in his behaviour towards other dogs, as well as him sleeping very close to me on my bed and some days even lying on my tummy for a cuddle. This was a big breakthrough for me.  Lilo has also accepted him as her friend/companion, even playing with him, which is a rare act from her side towards other dogs. Now when I arrive home, he runs towards me and is very excited to see me and jumps up to be cuddled and loved.

This little guy changed our lives in so many ways and I will always be grateful to the SPCA staff members and especially Dr. D supporting me with this little gem and always sending messages of encouragement and unbelievable support.”

Our Adorable little Peanut sent us some wonderful updates after being home with his new mom and yorkie brother! What a happy life!

Captain Cuddles (now Milo) was also recently adopted, after being found as a stray. He is off to live with his dog sister and cat pal too!

Our adorable little Stan the Man went off to his very own bachelor pad with his doting new dad! He is said to be enjoying his own garden space and his walks! We have no doubt this perfect match will be best pals for life!

Thank you to all our adopters and if anyone is ready to welcome a cat, dog, kitten or puppy into their hearts and homes, please do give us a call on 0217004152 or email at

We also look forward to receiving your adorable photos sent to to feature each week!

Thank you to all our adopters and if anyone is ready to welcome a cat, dog, kitten or puppy into their hearts and homes, please do give us a call on 0217004152 or email at

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