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September Happy Homings News

Possibly the best part of everything we do at the SPCA is our Happy Homings.

To see the joy on the faces of the new families and the sheer delight of the animals they adopt makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile. 

Many of the animals who come through our doors have been rescued from situations of such diabolical cruelty it is hard to imagine.

Others have endured traumas such as abandonment, bereavement from a deceased and beloved owner, getting lost and finding themselves stray… their hearts beat as ours and they feel emotions just as deeply. 

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Razor, a.k.a. Johnny landed himself a wonderful fur-ever home with new dad Bradley, who says, “Just some pictures of Razor relaxing. He is very happy with us and we couldn’t ask for a better dog his part of our family now will send regular pictures of him. Thanks to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.”


A rescue followed by a big operation, this little doggie has had some big events in his life in the recent past. Says Chad’s new family, “a new chapter in Chad’s life. Recall Chad the dog we rescued and took to Grassy Park SPCA weeks ago. Well, he is home with us after recovering from having his front right leg amputated. Many thanks to Marilyn, Bev, Marion and the wonderful medical team and staff at the SPCA. A special thanks to Simon who personally nursed Chad after the operation. Chad has slotted in well after only one night at his new home. It’s now official we are the Tripod Family having 3 dogs sharing 9 legs. Truly a happy ending.”


A.k.a. Chewbacca (Chewy). New dog mommy Evette says, “We just love our new doggie. She is the sweetest thing. She is not as scared anymore. We still need her to trust us 100%. I will say we are already at 75%. She is doing so good.Thank you for our awesome dog.”


Homeward bound! 

George – One Year On

“A year ago today, George decided to adopt us. He seems happy with his decision.”


Happily living his best life in Bredasdorp. Look at his smart new haircut!


A.k.a. Llewellyn, Jack Jack is one happy doggo!

Miss Molly’s Arrival in Her New Home (Hattie)

New fur-ever dog mommy Wendy Holmes sent pictures and wrote to say:

Everything went better than we could ever had hoped for. She fitted in immediately. Kissed Olympia our cat! See the 2nd last pic. Olympia fine with her.

Hagar is also fine. We have named her Miss Molly and she is so happy that she wags her entire body a lot. Had a few accidents in the house as I supposed in the enclosure at SPCA she just went there. We taught her to go in and the dog hatch. She is cleaver and learns quickly. I found a tick on her yesterday so off to get tick and flea tablet now.

Thanks for your help in our adopting Miss Molly…. She is already right inside our hearts.


Love letters from Mr Jeff and Family

Good Day,
My name is Mr Jeff, remember me… I am the older gentleman with the white socks and the ginger suit. I would like to thank the whole SPCA team for looking so well and long after me. 
And to my good old friend inspector Jeff, thanks for everything you did for me, you must not worry. I wrapped the new family around my paw and I am king of the house.
Tail up , thanks guys.
Mr Jeff!
Dear Mr Jeff,
Thank you so much for sending us this beautiful message and photos. We have been wondering how you settled in and we can see you are literally living your best life! We have sent this all to Inspector Jeff who asks about you too. We are forever grateful you found the most wonderful family, who clearly adores you!
Love from your forever SPCA family
Hello everyone,
This is the new family from Mr Jeff, he really snuck into everyone’s hearts and beds. Over the weeks we grow nicely as a family together. Mr Jeff got his set routines (6 o´clock cuddles and breakfast, 8 o´clock open the doors for his morning strolls, he loves to spend endless time in the sun with the other animals or “chills” on the roofs). My father is most of the time at home so he is never really on his own, but when he hears a car coming home it is a big hello every time. He got with everyone here his own games or should i better say we all have different duties ……my father is the safe place and he knows he will allow almost everything. Endless supply of food and playing time is Tina´s duty and Brent is his partner in crime. They guard together and investigate…..and learn a lot of nonsense. 
Once again, thanks again for all the effort and great work you do for ANY animal.
Best wishes,
Mr Jeff’s family.
Dear Jeff’s family,
We cannot express our gratitude enough. While Jeff waited longer than some of the other, younger cats to be adopted we knew the best family was coming along. And it was definitely worth the wait! Thank you for allowing him to be himself and for giving him unconditional love. Thank you for taking on an older animal, which most people shy away from. The love you have for him is so evident as your faces lit up yesterday when I asked you about him.
These are the Adoptions that make our jobs easier to face each day!
Love from your forever SPCA family 

Thank you to all our adopters and if anyone is ready to welcome a new pet into their hearts and homes, please do give us a call on 0217004152 or email at

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