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Summer Care for Horses

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As the summer heat sets in, it’s important to take extra care of our equine friends. Here are a few tips to help keep your horse healthy and happy during the summer months.


Flies will probably bother your horse the most during the summer months. Use Fly spray regularly, morning and evening to keep those pests at bay. Another way to combat the flies is a fly mask, making sure the fit is not too loose or too tight.

Skin Care

Use sunblock on white or pink areas of your horse. Applying sunblock once a day should be sufficient.

Remember to check that your sunscreen is safe for use on horses’ skin. Zinc-Oxide (used by lifeguards) is horse friendly and water-resistant.

A correctly fitted fly mask is a good way to combat flies


Make sure your horse stays hydrated and always has access to potable water. Also make sure water is placed in a shaded area.

Your horse may need extra salt intake and a good way is to provide it with a salt block, Himalayan Salt is also very good.

Keeping Horses Cool

Make sure your horse keeps cool and always has access to shelter even if it is in the form of a nice big tree when your horse is out pasturing.

Have good airflow if your horse is stabled, and place a fan inside the barn or stable if need be to increase airflow on those extra hot and stifling days.

A quick rinse after a hot ride will also cool your horse right down.

Healthy Horse

Be sure that your horse is in good health before heading out on a summer ride. Consider riding in the early morning or in the early evening when it is cooler.

Summer is a great time to spend more time with your horse. The weather is nicer, and you can take advantage of the longer days to ride more often. However, it’s important to remember that horses are susceptible to heatstroke and other health problems in the summer months. Use the tips above to ensure a happy summer for both horse and rider.

Some practical tips from the Cape of Good SPCA for caring for your horse in summertime

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