Gorgeous little Gulliver is a young adult male cross who is ready to meet his forever family 💕

Gulliver is the cutest tiny dog with a big head and adorable white socks He is still learning that there are many good things in the world, and can be a bit shy at times.

Gulliver needs a secure home, and wouldn’t mind a calm female doggy friend to play with. He will be well-suited to older kids and/or a family who can give him the love and attention he needs to build his confidence and blossom into the stunning best friend we know he will be 💕

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We are here for the animals during #lockdown

We are still here for your animals #lockdown

Please don’t worry! The SPCA will still be here to take care of animals during the upcoming 21 day Lockdown period.

23 of our most experienced staff including a qualified veterinarian are giving up their home comforts and leaving their families to ensure that our animals on-site are well cared for and to ensure that sick and critically injured animals can still be assisted at this time.


The SPCA will be operating in accordance with the gazetted regulations as governed by the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) during the Corona Pandemic Lockdown from midnight 26th March – 16th April 2020. 

The following regulations will be observed:

  • Veterinary services are classified essential services.
  • Essential Emergency Veterinary care can be provided.
  • Essential Pet food and animal medicines may be administered and sold by Vets.
  • Only essential staff are advised on site.
  • Veterinarians do not have to be open at all times – appointments are preferred where possible to manage the flow of people on site.
  • Telephonic consultations are not ideal however if necessary please Vets must take detailed notes.
  • Medical waste must be disposed of timeously and correctly to minimise spread of any diseases.
  • SAVC will still hold council via email during lockdown.