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Cape of Good Hope SPCA Launches “Anyone Can Be a Hero” Campaign To Unleash The Hero in Everyone

Cape Town, South Africa – April 17th, 2024 – The Cape of Good Hope SPCA and the SPCA’s across the Western Cape are thrilled to announce the launch of their latest campaign, “Anyone Can Be a Hero,” highlighting the everyday heroes who make a difference in the lives of animals.

In collaboration with KFM radio, the campaign showcases very different individuals who, united by their love for animals, show true heroism in their everyday lives.

Some may say that heroics lie within the daring acts of the SPCA Inspectors who scale towering trees to rescue trapped kittens or take on dog fighters, or in the veterinary skill of those who heal and nurse animals back to health, but the SPCA believes it’s firmly rooted in compassion. “It’s compassion that compels action that creates heroes” says Belinda Abraham Spokesperson for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. “Whether you’re physically doing the work or supporting it, compassion for animals is the driving force”.

The heart of the campaign therefore beats with the understanding that heroism wears many faces. It is embodied in the valiant efforts of the SPCA who rush to the aid of animals, but it’s also embodied in the compassionate support of those who can’t. “Animal rescue is hard on animal-loving hearts, not everyone can do the work of the SPCA” says Belinda. “But the fact that we step in when others can’t is no more heroic than the donor who made it possible”.

“At the SPCA, we believe that true heroism lies in the everyday acts of compassion,” says Belinda. “Our campaign hopes to inspire individuals to embrace their inner hero and join our fight for a kinder world for animals.  Anyone can be a hero by supporting the work of the SPCA”. 

The SPCA is not government-funded and is 100% reliant on the kindness of animal lovers to continue operating.  We are thankful for every donation made towards our important work with animals.  Our donors are our heroes!  We extend our thanks to our agency partners Joe Public Cape Town who put so much heart into this campaign and to Giant Films and Deliverance Post Production for their donation of their time and skill to bring our campaign to life.

Campaign landing page, radio ads and YouTube ads

Anyone can be a hero • Cape of Good Hope SPCA (capespca.co.za)






Radio Ads

Please view the campaign videos and listen to the radio ads above and feel free to join us on Saturday at the SPCA anytime until 2pm for the KFM outside Broadcast open day, hosted by Karl Wastie. (This is a public and media invitation, no rsvp necessary 😊)

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About The Cape of Good Hope SPCA:

For 152 years, the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has remained committed to its core mission: to protect and care for animals, advocate for their well-being, and foster responsible pet ownership through education and outreach programs.

For more information, media inquiries, or to schedule an interview, please contact: Belinda Abraham comms@spca-ct.co.za 0217004154 or 0833261620