Water for life

Thanks to our loyal supporters, we are ready to collect every precious drop of rain that falls – and build sustainable reserves to safeguard the future of animals throughout the Cape Metropole.


Response to our Drought Relief campaign has been nothing short of overwhelming! With your support, we’ve been able to install six new 5 000 litre rainwater tanks, seven JoJo tanks, two flowbins, pumps and hoses at our Grassy Park premises. Having our own sustainable water source will ensure there is always enough drinking water for up to 500 animals in our care – as well as water for cleaning our animal centre.

We have also been able to go ahead with the drilling of a new borehole. Water from the new borehole will be used to fill containers and transport them to water stations in remote areas, for wild animals and free-roaming livestock and horses.

It took a near disaster to force us into taking this step, but having our own sustainable water sources will not only safeguard thousands of animals into the future. It will also reduce our operating costs in the long run.  Thank you to every individual and business who contributed towards this vital project. Your kindness is literally a life-saver!



Wallacedene MASP treats 1450 animals

CoGH SPCA oversees 1450 sterilisations in annual Wallacedene MASP

26th of July 2018 – Animal welfare organisations in partnership with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA once again joined forces to conduct a annual Mass Animal Sterlisation Project (MASP) generously funded by the City of Cape Town in the Wallacedene community. Launched on the 3rd of April 2018, running for a total of 14 weeks and concluding on the 4th of July 2018, the MASP saw a total of 1, 450 animals undergoing sterilsation procedures and vaccinations.

This ongoing programe is a vital component in the fight against cruelty by offering continued education of pet owners in order to highlight the importance of sterilisation, basic pet care ( i.e. supplying adequate food, water and shelter) and veterinary care to ensure a healthy environment for both animals and humans alike.

The CoGH SPCA is dedicated to continuing their support to the less priviledged by providing mobile clinics to this community and other adjacent areas, offering treatment for their pet’s primary health care needs.

MASP project manager, CoGH SPCA CEO Moyo Ndukwana says of the project, “The extraordinary contribution of all partners in particular the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, the Animal Anti Cruelty League, The Animal Rescue Organisation, the Animal Welfare Society Philippi, EnviroVet CVC and the PDSA is acknowledged with huge gratitude and reverence.”

Justice 4 Benji

Animal Cruelty Must Stop. No Animal Should Suffer. 

We stand united in the fight against animal cruelty.

Following the horrific attack on an innocent dog called Benjie, we demand that #Justice4Benjie is served and call for harsher sentences for animal abusers.

The trial was first heard at the Khayelitsha Court on the 6th July 2018. It is a public proceeding and members of the public may therefore attend.

The next court date was set for the 13th of August 2018.

The case resumed in the Khayelitsha Magistrates Court on August 13th 2018 with TI Siviwe Noko representing Benjie against Mr Sihle Mbambo, one of two men accused of violently stabbing him to death.

The case was seen in court on the 14th September 2018 and again on the 19th February 2019.

The matter was postponed again to the 11th of April 2019 to give the State the opportunity to present the second accused, who has not yet been identified. If anyone who has seen the video knows the identity this man please call the SPCA on 0217004158/9 during office hours or on 0833261604 after hours. You are assured of your anonymity – the SPCA will never reveal your name or the name of any complainant. Individuals with information can also go to SAPS Khayelitsha directly and quote Case Number 529/05/2018

We ask all those parties with a vested interest in upholding and defending the rights of animals, to let their voices be heard in a bid for justice for Benjie. The SPCA, along with other concerned animal welfare organisations and members of the public, will be demanding the highest possible sentencing for this crime.

If you are attending, please feel free to download one of our official protest posters to take to court with you.  These posters further amplify the messaging of the affidavits we have received – thank you so much for all the support and for giving Benjie a voice!





Comrades4Canines Raises R72 000

Well done to Greg Korck and Liam Gannon for completing the ComradesMarathon “DOWN RUN” on the 10 June 2018 “ for the love of animals. The “DOWN RUN” starts at the City Hall in Pietermaritzburg and finishes in Durban – this is about ± 90km which our guys completed in under 9 hours!

In addition to each of them overcoming this enormous challenge they helped us raise a remarkable amount of over R72 000 which will assist us to deliver primary veterinary care to about 4000 animals to the poorer communities of the Western Cape.

Well done and big thank you again from all of us!

If you want to combine your love of sport and animals then please contact Tyron on awareness2@spca-ct.co.za and find out how you can make your race count for more with #TEAMSPCA


Cape of Good Hope SPCA welcomes Mqabuko Moyo Ndukwana as new CEO

2018 heralds a new era at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA as Mqabuko Moyo Ndukwana is appointed the CEO of South Africa’s largest and oldest animal welfare.

Having worked at the organisation for 12 years, we have no doubt the CoGH SPCA will flourish under his charge.

Moyo’s unwavering integrity, passion and broader vision will see his tenure further cementing the CoGH SPCA as the leading proponent for changing attitudes towards the treatment of all creatures and animal welfare issues at large.

If we track Moyo’s career trajectory this new role is only fitting for a man who has dedicated his life to upholding the rights of animals with the utmost dedication and unwavering commitment, no matter the challenges.

Moyo Ndukwana says of his passion for animal welfare, “I would say I was born to do it. From early childhood I’ve always loved animals. Growing up all I wanted to study was animal science.
I wrote my thesis on animal nutrition and how small farmers could improve the
way they feed their livestock. Even then, I wanted to help animals – I can’t understand
how people can ill-treat them. “

He holds an Honours degree in Animal Science and a BPhil in Sustainable Development. He also possesses various qualifications in Financial Management and Project Management, among others. Showcasing his steadfast work ethic and relentless thirst for knowledge, upon completion of an intensive series of NSPCA inspectorate courses and examinations, Moyo rapidly advanced to the position of Senior Inspector which saw him heading up the 24/7 emergency centre responding to all manner of cases across the Cape Metropole, many life threatening in nature. Above the day to day emergency response and management of such a critical service, Moyo has been integral in compiling case evidence which has seen animal abusers successfully prosecuted for contravention of the Animals Protection Act thereby paving the way for future legislation/by-law amendments.

On his appointment Ndukwana commented, “It is with great humility and appreciation that I accepted the appointment from the Board as the new CEO of the CoGH SPCA. It is a sense of honour and ultimate trust that the Board has vested this responsibility in me and I will strive my level best to ensure that the CoGH SPCA excels in all aspects of animal welfare under my custodianship. I am confident of such success through the collective wisdom of the Board and the Management Team- who are all dedicated to the cause of animal welfare and all want to see the CoGH thrive.”

The CoGH SPCA mandate first and foremost serves to prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals. On encountering any creature our first act of kindness is towards the animals in our care.

All animals in our care need to have a safe and comfortable species derived environment that will enable their rehabilitation and promote wholeness. The way we treat animals in our care will be a reflection of the kind world that we envision and strive to work for every single day.

What we do matters, and matters even more now than ever!

Help keep water bowls full


Once the taps are turned off the city will move into full scale Emergency Stage 3 and it is unknown when they will be turned on again – one thing that is for certain is the fact we all need to learn to live with very little water. On Day Zero water to homes and businesses will be cut off and only vital services will receive water i.e. hospitals; clinics and stand pipes in informal settlements.

The CoGH SPCA take and cares for the most animals across the Cape Metropole be they wild, domesticated or farm animals. As such we do require vast amounts of water reserves to prepare for Day Zero and beyond.


If you are able to donate water please drop off at our premises at the CoGH SPCA in Grassy Park or our SPCA Vet Shop in Plumstead.


The CoGH SPCA will continue to operate during this crisis and provide its much needed services to the entire Cape Metropole.

Our recommendations for pet owners and animal lovers would be the following.

• Provide cold water at all times.
• NEVER leave your animals in a car at any time of the year.
• Offer your dogs a covered area outside which adequately protects them from direct sunlight.
• Please ensure your pool is equipped with a secure, animal friendly pool cover to prevent any animals in need of cooling down from potentially falling into water and drowning.
• Just like us, our pets will need hydration and we recommend buying still water if you haven’t already started and store it for Day Zero and beyond. We understand this is an additional expense but it is an absolute necessity.
• Wild animals will also require our care – please leave flat trays with water outside for birds, lizards and even snakes – this will ensure snakes do not try come inside your home in their search for hydration.

If you are able to donate water please come by and drop off at our premises at the CoGH SPCA in Grassy Park or help donate towards our water reserves here https://capespca.co.za/donate/ ( Ref: WATER )

PLEASE CALL 021 700 4158/9 or a/h on 083 326 1604 for any assistance should you see an animal in distress.

Get to know a real life hero – Inspector Moyo

They don’t come more dedicated than Inspector Moyo, who prefers to work 7 days a week, 365 days a year, rather than taking time off! We asked him what makes him tick.

Q: Why did you become an SPCA Inspector?
A: I would say I was born to do it. From early childhood, I’ve always loved animals. Growing up all I wanted to study was animal science. I wrote my thesis on animal nutrition and how small farmers could improve the way they feed their livestock. Even then, I wanted to help animals – I can’t understand how people an ill-treat them.

Q: How do you keep doing the work you do – given that you must see some terrible things?
A: I couldn’t do anything else. It’s something I do because I love doing it. It’s my passion. I want to do it 7 days a week, 365 days a year; I never want to take leave – they have to force me to take time off! Of course, there are cases that drag you own and you feel overwhelmed by your emotions. But you keep going, because he SPCA really is making a difference. A lot of the time what we’re dealing with is ignorance,rather than deliberate cruelty. For example, if a child has grown up with the family dog kept on a chain in the yard, the child accepts this as the normal way to treat a dog. It’s only when someone comes along, and points out that the dog would be happier if it could move around freely, that change is possible.

Q: Is there a particular case that stands out?
A: I pursued one case for over 7 years – so it’s been a big part of my life. It involved
a dog that was neutered by its owner, without the benefit of anaesthesia or pain killers. What was remarkable was that the man’s daughter, who was only ten or eleven at the time, reported her father to the SPCA because she was so upset by the dog’s suffering. She even testified against him in court because, young as she was, she knew this was not right. Her bravery was an inspiration – something I’ll never forget.

Saving Gracey with kykNET

“Belinda, daar is ‘n hond by julle wat ek net nie uit my kop kan kry nie…”

In die vroeë oggendure van 22 Julie het ek vir Belinda Abraham van die Dierebeskermingsvereniging (DBV) in Grassy Park ’n lang e-pos gestuur met dié woorde.

Vier dae vantevore terwyl die Hond se Gedagtes-span daar geskiet het, het ek ’n Duitse herdershond in die hospitaalhokke opgemerk – ’n hond met ’n afgetakelde lyfie en die hartseerste oë wat ek nog gesien het. Sy was net ’n sakkie bene, het stokoud gelyk en weinig hare op haar lyfie gehad. Sy het tjoepstil tussen die skuim op die koue sementvloer gesit terwyl personeel haar hok skoongemaak het. Ek het my hand deur die tralies gesteek en haar koppie gestreel, maar sy het nie gereageer nie – net gelate en gedweë daar gesit en my stip in die oë gekyk. So uitgelewer aan wat ook al volgende op haar wag.

Terwyl die trane gestroom het, het ek vir haar gefluister: Ek síén jou..! (Ek het so gehuil dat ek eers badkamer toe moes vlug voordat ek my “televisie take” kon voortsit.)

En dis waar ons “Reisie met Gracey” begin het…

Daardie eerste e-pos, waarin ek vir Belinda gevra het om ons te help om haar te red (ek was bevrees sy was weens haar toestand op die uitsitlys), was die begin van ’n emosioneel-uitmergelende maand, en ’n wedloop waarvan die eindstreep baie onseker was.

Ons weet nie veel van Gracey se verlede nie, maar is besig om die spoor te volg. Wat ons wel weet is dat Tracey, soos sy eers genoem is, op die Kaapse Vlakte in die verkeerde hande beland het, en ’n lewe van verwaarlosing en waarskynlik ook erge mishandeling gelei het.

Sy het uiteindelik by ’n man beland wat haar probeer versorg het, maar nie die geld of kennis gehad het om haar toé reeds brose lyfie en geknakte siel gesond te maak nie. Gracey is toe deur die DBV ingeneem, waar sy my en die res van die Hond se Gedagtes-span se harte gebreek, én gesteel het.

Belinda en haar span het dadelik ingestem om ons te help om Gracey gesond te maak, hoewel ons almal heimlik gewonder het of hierdie herdershondjie met haar sielvolle oë ooit van die trauma en beserings van die verlede sou herstel. Terwyl die veeartse by die DBV begin het om vir Gracey spesiale versorging te gee, het ek begin om vir haar te gaan kuier én ’n vir-altyd-huis te soek… Ons het haar hele reis ook op kamera vasgelê, want ons was vasbeslote om vir Gracey te help en haar roerende storie met die diereliefhebbers wat Hond se Gedagtes kyk, te deel.


My eerste poging om vir Gracey ’n mense-ma te kry was nie suksesvol nie, maar het my wel moed gegee dat daar goeie mense is wat wel bereid is om ’n uitdaging soos díe te aanvaar, want Gracey het ’n ernstige velsiekte, heupdisplasie en ’n abnormaliteit op haar rug. My en Belinda se grootste bekommernis was dat ons weens die spesiale versorging wat sy sou benodig, en die kostes wat dit sou meebring, nie vir haar ’n huis sou kry nie.

Belinda se span het intussen Gracey se aangrypende storie met hulle vennote, wat Hills en Kyron Laboratories insluit, gedeel en dié maatskappye was so geraak deur hierdie groot poging om een hond se lewe te red dat hulle dadelik aan boord was met skenkings in die vorm van geborgde spesialiteitskos en velprodukte om Gracey se herstel te bespoedig. Dit het ’n reuse verskil gemaak, want dit het die geldelike las op die DBV verlig en die vereniging se span in staat gestel om vir Gracey net die beste sorg te gee. Wat ’n spanpoging!

Prescription Diet™

Derm Defense™

Key benefits

  • With a proprietary blend of bioactives and phytonutrients to help strengthen the skin barrier against environmental allergies
  • Formulated to help soothe & nourish skin & coat
  • Long-term solution supporting a healthy immune system

Na my mislukte poging om Gracey die eerste keer aangeneem te kry, was my moed in my skoene en ek het snags letterlik wakker gelê oor die hondjie wat so eensaam daar in die DBV-hokke lê en so hard baklei om te oorleef. Ek het oral voelers uitgesteek, totdat ’n vriendin voorgestel het dat ek die De Waalpark honde-afrigter, Sandy Colman, vir raad vra.

So gemaak, so gedaan. Ek ken vir Sandy wat al vir 40 jaar honde afrig, en weet sy is ook ’n Duitse herdershond-kenner, en ’n baie geliefde inwoner van Oranjezicht in Kaapstad (sy is die ‘ma’ van die twaalfjarige herdershond, Zhea, haar enigste ‘kind’).

Sandy het dadelik ingestem om vir Gracey te ontmoet en te evalueer sodat ons vir haar die régte huis kon kry. Min het ons geweet die soektog na dáárdie huis sou met dáárdie ontmoeting iets van die verlede wees!

Sandy en Gracey het met die intrapslag ’n band gevorm en ons spannetjie omstanders, kamerman Cobus, Tara – ook van die DBV – en ek het met ongeloof toegekyk hoe Gracey onmiddellik op Sandy se bevele en instruksies reageer. Sandy loer toe boonop in Gracey se ore en sien die tattoeëermerk wat beteken Gracey is ’n opreggeteelde, geregistreerde Duitse herdershond. Wie sou ooit kon raai as jy na dié ou gebreekte lyfie kyk?! Hoe het sy hier beland???

Sandy het daardie oggend besluit sy gaan vir Gracey ’n tweede kans gee en het daar en dan die aannemingsdokument onderteken, máár op voorwaarde dat Gracey en haar hart se punt, die bejaarde Zhea, oor die weg moet kom. Ekstase is die enigste woord om te beskryf hoe ons gevoel het toe Sandy daardie belangrike handtekening maak. Ons kon nooit vir ’n beter ma vir Gracey gevra het nie!

Die aanneming kon egter nie onmiddellik gebeur nie; Gracey was nog nie sterk en gesond genoeg om verskuif te word nie, en die DBV moes ook eers hulle normale aannemingsproses volg, d.w.s. deur onder meer ’n huisbesoek by Sandy te doen. Dit sou ongeveer nog ’n week tot tien dae duur voordat Gracey na haar nuwe huis toe kon gaan. Ek en Sandy het intussen pal gepraat en baie gespekuleer oor Gracey se reaksie teenoor Zhea, wat die clincher sou wees…

’n Week later was dit sulke tyd – om presies te wees, die oggend van 23 Augusts 2017, om 9 uur. Ons senuwees was aan skerwe, want dit was tyd vir daardie bepalende ontmoeting tussen Gracey en Zhea… Sou Gracey agressief optree teenoor Zhea..? Sou Zhea dalk stem dikmaak en die ‘inkommer’ verwerp..?

Die DBV het ’n uitsondering gemaak en ingestem om vir Gracey (onder streng toesig) na Sandy te neem waar die Hond se Gedagtes-kameraspan gereed sou staan. Ek was al vroeg by Sandy, angstig en gespanne dat hierdie lang reis met die dierbare hond vandag weer op ’n mislukking kon afloop, en waarnatoe dan vir Gracey?

Sandy was haar kalm en bedaarde self, en het reeds fyn beplan hoe sy haar hond en die nuweling aan mekaar sou voorstel. Ek moet eerlik wees – daar was twee redes hoekom ek nie haar optimisme gedeel het nie: 1) Ons het by die DBV gesien hoe oor-opgewonde Gracey met ander honde raak – grensend aan histerie, en 2): Alleenkind-Zhea sal heel moontlik nie haar ma se aandag wou deel nie…

Wel, my vrese is binne minute besweer. Met Gracey se aankoms het die rustige Sandy al haar jare se ondervinding ingespan en die twee herders meesterlik hanteer. Gracey en Zhea was binne ’n oogwink gemaklik met mekaar en Zhea het ongestoord toegekyk terwyl Gracey haar nuwe omgewing oortjies-orent verken het.

Wat ’n reuse verligting! Weke se spanning het van my skouers afgerol. Ons het almal geblom van blydskap – die Hond se Gedagtes-kameraspan, Loren Greyling van kykNET wat nie dié spesiale dag wou misloop nie, Belinda en Tara van die DBV, en natuurlik, die engel in die verhaal, Sandy.

Gracey het ’n nuwe huisie!

Sandy het intussen uitgevind dat Gracey erens in die Noorde geteel en waarskynlik vier jaar oud is, maar hoe sy by huise beland het wat haar net mishandel en verwaarloos het, is nog ’n ope vraag. Ons laat die saak egter nie daar nie; agter die kap van dié byl gaan ons nog kom…

Wat wél nou belangrik is, is dat Gracey liggaamlik en geestelik aan die genees is. Haar haartjies het weer begin groei; sy tel gewig op; raak spelerig; sy slaap snags warm (met ’n pantoffel in haar bedjie) en gaan bedags vir heerlike stappies. Gracey, wat vermoedelik nog nie die binnekant van ’n huis gesien het nie, word selfs toegelaat om smiddae in die laatmiddagsonnetjie op die rusbank op te krul. Sy het ook ’n hondevriend in die vorm van die waardige Zhea, wat fyn opgelei is en elke dag vir Gracey ’n bietjie meer van die wonderlike wêreld leer. Maar selfs meer belangrik: Gracey het nou ’n ‘ma’ wat vir haar lief is…

’n Uit-die-hart dankie aan Belinda en haar span, asook die borge wat Gracey se herstel moontlik gemaak het, en dan natuurlik aan Sandy [en Zhea] wat hulle huis met soveel deernis vir Gracey oopgemaak het; Hond se Gedagtes is julle ewig dankbaar!

Dis so waar wat hulle sê: “It takes a village…” en ons het opnuut bewys wat bereik kan word wanneer mense saamstaan en omgee…




Winter Pet Care

Caring for Pets in Winter

Cape Town is well known for its heavy winter downpours and icy winds that bluster across our city. It’s important not to forget our pets feel the chill despite their furry coats. The best solution for winter’s woes is to keep your dog or cat inside with you and your family when it’s cold outside. The happiest dogs are taken out for regular exercise but kept inside the rest of the time.

Here are a few tips for protecting your pets this winter:

  • Keep pets inside

Don’t leave pets outdoors when the temperature drops. During walks, consider putting short-haired dogs into a doggie sweater. If you must keep your pet outdoors please provide your dog with a warm, dry, and draft free shelter outside.

  • Proper Nutrition

In winter it takes more energy to stay warm when it’s cold, and that’s why outdoor animals need to eat more during the winter. Fresh running water is always vital for maintaining your pet’s health.

  • Never shave your dog

Shaving a dog’s coast down to the skin removes vital warmth and protection during the colder weather.

  • Ensure your pets tags are secure and updated 

    with contact information in case they go missing 

  • Speak out if you see a pet left in the cold

If you see an animal left out in cold weather please gently ask the owners to take the animal inside. If the issue continues please contact your nearest SPCA with a time-stamped photo of the animal so they can address the situation.

Remember, if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet.  Please keep your animals inside. If left outdoors, pets can suffer hypothermia, become disoriented, lost, stolen, injured or killed. Don’t leave pets alone in a car during cold weather, as cars can act as fridges that keep in the cold leading to animals freezing to death.



Puppy Hawkers have little or no regard for the welfare of animals, who to them are simply commodities of trade.

There is no doubt that puppy hawkers rely heavily on the animal loving communities who will do anything to rescue a puppy in this condition regardless of the cost. Do not be emotionally blackmailed! In spite of your best intentions, buying a puppy from a hawker perpetuates a cycle of abuse and cruelty. These individuals are likely to be breeding indiscriminately, with no concern for their breeding females whose living conditions are comparable to puppy mills.
In addition to this, puppies are often removed from their mothers extremely young, are often unhealthy and in some instances genetically defective.

You could also be unwittingly introducing disease and parasites into your home that could affect the health of your pets and your family! Mange is a zoonotic disease and is transferred to humans as scabies. Worms and fleas can also be passed on to your family members and the chances are that the puppy you have just bought is unvaccinated and potentially ill with Canine Distemper or Parvo Virus – both are deadly and extremely contagious canine diseases.
We are working in collaboration with law enforcement in order to stop the illegal hawking of animals and also looking into amendments of the Animal By- laws in order to ensure harsher sentences for perpetrators.
So what should you do if you see a Puppy hawker?
• The greatest assistance will come from members of the public not supporting this trade. In purchasing an animal from the street, one is creating a market and the demand and supply economics factors are set in motion.
• By posting pictures of these repeat offenders on social media, a case file is being built up and further strengthens our motivation when appealing for a harsher sentence against the perpetrator.
• If anybody tries to sell you a puppy on a street corner, please contact Law Enforcement on 0218124464, the SPCA on 0217004158/9 or SAPS (get your local SAPS station contact number or sector patrol vehicle cell number).
• Do not put yourself in danger!

And remember,
If you are looking for a pet, please first consider adopting from the SPCA. We have healthy, loving puppies and adult dogs looking to become a part of a family like yours. You’ll find that while many are wonderful mix breeds, most shelters have purebreds too!