Stand Up for Your City & Give Disadvantaged Animals the Gift of Good Health

Please note:

The reduced cost of these services is subsidised by donations to our charity. Please do not abuse the goodwill of this service.

Vouchers can only be purchased for disadvantaged people with a dog or cat. 

In other words, affluent people cannot use the vouchers to pay for their pets. 

Buy CTPUP Vouchers

Your way to help pet owners from disadvantaged backgrounds to sterilise, vaccinate and microchip their pets

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Choose from Sterilisation, Vaccination, Microchipping or ALL 3!*
To qualify for a vaccination and microchip, all pets must be sterilised in accordance with CoGH SPCA Regulations.
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Proceeds raised will go towards the Cape of Good Hope SPCA so that we can keep doing amazing work for disadvantaged animals in dire need of love and veterinary attention.

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