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NikNax was rescued from a covered steel drum in April. Inspector Werner Taljaard’s heart broke when he lifted first a heavy piece of wood and then the cover to find a pair of brown eyes looking up at him from alongside an empty Nik Naks packet, a dirty blanket scrap and a teddy bear. Niknax is thriving in her new surroundings. It’s clear she hasn’t forgotten her rescuer, and he hasn’t forgotten her either. When he’s not out rescuing other animals in distress, Inspector Taljaard makes a point of spending quality time with Niknax.

Some may say that heroics lie within the daring acts of the SPCA Inspectors who scale towering trees to rescue trapped kittens or take on dog fighters – or in the veterinary skill of those that heal and nurse animals back to health. But the “Anyone Can Be A Hero” Campaign reminds us that true heroism is very simply, compassion compelled into action.

Heroes are everyday people whose compassionate hearts drive them to act.  Not everyone can do the work of the SPCA but everyone can make it possible.  And that’s heroic too! Unleash your inner hero and donate towards the work of the SPCA now. 

*The SPCA is a non-governmental organisation that is 100% reliant on heroes like you to continue operating. 

Inspectorate News

Distressed dog trapped on a water hyacinth

The current severe storms in Cape Town left many animals in danger, unable to find protection from the harsh elements. Amidst the pouring rain and chilling winds, a distressed dog was discovered trapped on a water hyacinth beside the busy N2 freeway near Old Faure.

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Inspectorate News

Love is King ❤

Despite his regal name, King’s life was far from royal…. In fact he wasn’t even treated like a living, breathing, feeling being. He was seized by our Inspectors earlier this month and taken into the care of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA on a court order secured at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court.

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Inspectorate News

Scout’s Second Chance Thanks to a Homeless Hero

We weren’t expecting a visit to the police station to open a case of animal cruelty against an offender to be a prelude to a heart-warming affair – but that is exactly what it was. While we were there, a homeless man entered with a tiny puppy tucked into his jacket.

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