Give Love for Christmas

“I wish I could take them all”

You’ve probably said that yourself as you’ve walked through the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. It’s heartbreaking to see so many animals waiting, desperately, for new homes. Some are excited, ever-hopeful … others are overwhelmed, afraid, and sit quietly in a corner.

But as different as they are, they all have one thing in common: they need care – and they count on us for it. Please help.

The hard truth is, no matter how much you wish you could take them all, it’s nothing compared to how they wish those words would come true.  

Please help us care for them until they do.

Thanks to support from amazing people like you in the past, the SPCA has been able to help neglected dogs like Sir Cotton – who received urgent veterinary attention and tender loving care before the ultimate prize: a loving new home.

Your gift takes food, safe shelter, veterinary attention and so much more into the lives of animals at the SPCA – essentials that they cannot go without.

Sir Cotton in his new home

Please give more animals the same chance as Sir Cotton this Christmas: the chance for healing, love and a new home.


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