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Saved from pain and despair … now other equines need your help

In brutally cruel situations, it’s only the law – and compassionate support from people like you – that can save animals.

Little pony sisters, Princess Celestia and Apple-Jack, were living in pain and despair before our Inspectors rescued them.

Starved and kept in cramped, cold enclosures in a back yard, all they knew was suffering. They were barely surviving on scraps in a depressing world of deprivation, no treatment for their wounds – and no love or stimulation.

Will you help ponies like them, right now? Your donation, made here, will get animals out of abusive hands and into the loving care of the SPCA’s Horse Care Unit.

It’s expensive work to rehabilitate horses – and ponies like Princess Celestia and Apple Jack. Feed, medical treatment, bedding – it all adds up to around R180 per horse, per day, while specialist services like farriers cost an extra R650 per animal.

We can’t help animals without you. Please show that ponies, horses and donkeys have your support!

To thank you for signing up as a Best Friends member, we’ll send you a branded Best Friends Gift. 

Then you can relax – and let our Horse Care Unit fight for justice for you.

Abused horses, ponies and donkeys need Best Friends like you.


Donate to join our fight to hold horse abusers accountable…and to rescue and rehabilitate these majestic animals.

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Your membership will help provide a warm stable and food, farrier costs, specialised veterinary treatment, tack and bedding. It will also fund the costs of taking this and other animal cruelty cases to court.

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