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Our Horse Care Unit has seen it all. But they were horrified when they found Thor the stallion being forcibly bound in a torturous position.

He was slowly suffocating as he fought for each breath, unable to lift his head or get the smallest respite from his muscle torture and mouth pain.

We rescued Thor and started his rehabilitation at our Horse Care Unit that day. 

But the unseen hands behind Thor’s rescue are a special community of people we call our Best Friends.

Today, I’m hoping you’ll join this exclusive group of horse lovers who, through a generous once-off donation of R600/year or R50/month, help us fight for justice and protect horses from cruelty.

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To thank you for signing up as a Best Friends member, we’ll send you a branded Best Friends eye mask. 

Then you can relax – and let our Horse Care Unit fight for justice for you.

Abused horses, ponies and donkeys need Best Friends like you.


Donate to join our fight to hold horse abusers accountable…and to rescue and rehabilitate these majestic animals.

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Your continued dedication, ongoing support and passion for protecting the lives of animals is what makes us successful.

Your membership will help provide a warm stable and food, farrier costs, specialised veterinary treatment, tack and bedding. It will also fund the costs of taking this and other animal cruelty cases to court.