A level 8 weather warning has been issued for Thursday, 11th July 2024, predicting a high likelihood of flooding and mudslides across Cape Town, Drakenstein, and Stellenbosch municipal areas.

The impending storm poses a grave danger to life, with widespread displacement of communities and animals. Our SPCA Inspectors are gearing up for a critical mission to rescue animals stranded in these life-threatening conditions, and we urgently need your support.

Last year Rover’s rescue was only made possible via equipment loaned to us by the City’s water and sanitation department. Read more about Rover’s Rescue here. 

We Need Your Help!

We are calling on you to help us equip our brave Inspectors with the essential gear they need to stay safe while rescuing animals like Rover from certain death. Help our inspectors to save more lives!

What Our Inspectors Need:

To tackle these extreme conditions and ensure their safety, our Inspectors require the following equipment:

  • Waders: To navigate deep, fast-moving floodwaters.
  • Gumboots: For secure footing in muddy and slippery conditions.
  • Rain Suits: To stay dry and protected from relentless rain.
  • Safety Harnesses: To perform safe and effective rescues.
  • Rope: Essential for reaching and retrieving animals from precarious situations.
  • Life Jackets: To safeguard our Inspectors in swift waters.
  • Waterproof Pouches: To protect critical equipment and documentation from water damage.

How You Can Make a Difference

Your contribution will keep our inspectors safe while they save animal lives. 

R400 can provide a pair of gumboots

R680 can supply a rain suit

R750 can equip an Inspector with a safety harness

R1200 can provide a life jacket

R750 can ensure we have essential waders for deep water rescues

  • R200 can supply a waterproof pouch to keep essential equipment safe and dry

R500 can provide rope to anchor inspectors in harnesses entering flowing water

Donate Now and Be a Lifesaver

Protect our rescuers as they confront the storm head-on to save many animals in desperate need.

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