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If you love animals, why not become a member of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA? You’ll receive regular updates about our work and your annual fee entitles you to a vote at our Annual General Meeting.

With hundreds of thousands of stray animals in the greater Cape Town Metropolitan area, we need your support even more in the coming year in order to combat cruelty and protect all animals. 

The annual fee covers membership between April 2022 – March 2023

Details on the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in July 2022 will be sent to members who have subscribed.

Your membership entitles you to vote at our AGM, along with the pride of knowing that you are  protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals every day. 

Read our statement of policy here

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Individual subscription is R320 and will be automatically renewed until cancelled.

Family Subscription


Family subscription is R600 and will be automatically renewed until cancelled.

Pensioner Subscription


Pensioner subscription is R190 and will be automatically renewed until cancelled.


This past year, you’ve helped us to accomplish so much.

Look at what we achieved with your support!​

It’s incredible what can be achieved with your support – we couldn’t have done it without you! 

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Your continued dedication, ongoing support and passion for protecting the lives of animals is what makes us successful. Thank you for everything you do to help make this a better world for animals.