Sponsor a Spay

By supporting the SPCA’s “Sponsor a Spay” campaign, you can make a significant difference in the lives of animals and contribute to reducing the number of unwanted pets in our communities.

Your donation can help us provide affordable spaying and neutering services to pet owners who may not be able to afford it on their own.
By sponsoring a spay, you are not only preventing the birth of unwanted litters, but also reducing the risk of health issues, behavioural problems, and even death for pets.
Your support can also help us reach out to more pet owners and educate them about the importance of sterilisation. By spreading awareness and making spaying and neutering more accessible, we can make a positive impact on the lives of animals and create a safer and more compassionate world for all.
Furthermore, your donation can help the SPCA continue its vital work in rescuing and rehabilitating animals that have been mistreated or abandoned. Your generosity can provide shelter, medical care, and food to animals in need, and ultimately help them find loving forever homes.
By supporting the “Sponsor a Spay” campaign, you are joining us in our mission to prevent cruelty to animals, reduce overpopulation, and promote responsible pet ownership.
Your donation, no matter how big or small can make a significant impact on the lives of animals in our communities. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to working together to make a difference in the world.

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It is only through YOUR support that we can continue to help animals to have a chance for a better future.

The SPCA receives no funding from the government and relies on donations from the public in order to function

Each sterilisation costs R600. (You may donate more than one if you wish by entering a quantity in the box below)
Price: R600.00
R600 to steep for your budget? Please enter any amount you can afford, to go towards a sterilisation.

Your continued dedication, ongoing support, and passion for protecting the lives of animals is what makes us successful. Thank you for everything you do to help make this a better world for animals.