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Keep our mobile clinics on the road for as little as R50 per month!

Society Lottery Scheme is registered with National Lotteries Commission (Reg No. 00149/14)


for communities in need

The SPCA Mobile Clinics deliver essential services directly to underserved communities bridging the barrier of access to care. Our mission? To deliver essential care and promote responsible pet ownership. The Mobile Clinic Program is our commitment to communities, providing both care and education.

We are the


We offer primary veterinary care to furry friends in need. Dipping, deworming, vaccinations – we’ve got it covered. And for those requiring extra care, we transport them to our Animal Hospital, ensuring they return to their owners healthier and happier.


Keeping our MOBILE CLINICS on the road costs up to R1.7 million per year. For as little as R50 a month, you can help us reach more communities.


In places like Khayelitsha and Gugulethu, where pet overpopulation is a challenge, our goal is clear – to prevent animal health issues that can easily spread to humans.  Why is this so crucial? Because when animals are left to breed uncontrollably, it doesn’t just affect them; it impacts the entire community’s health and well-being. Our Mobile Clinic Operators, fluent in multiple languages, serve as ambassadors of change. They educate residents on the importance of sterilisation and tackling the overpopulation issue head-on.

Last year alone, our mobile 
clinics cared for

16 583

animals in need and 5 957 animals were sterilised to prevent suffering before it even starts.

R10 000 CASH

up for grabs every month!

Support the operation and expansion of our mobile clinics in areas that need it the most. Together, you can help us care for animals; safeguard communities, prevent the spread of diseases, and foster a healthier, happier future for all. Here’s how it works.

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Tails Up Club Lottery

Tails Up Winner March 2024 – Bronnie Thomas

We did our March 2024 draw on the 15th April 2024 and drew Mrs Bronnie Thomas’ Tails Up Lotto number as our next winner. We tried several times to call and email Bronnie but were unsuccessful in our attempts to connect with her.

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More about our


  • Each entry becomes a lifeline for the communities that need it the most. 

    For as little as R50 per month you can win a share of R120 000, that is R10 000 in cash each month.

    There are 12 cash prizes to giveaway each year.

    The minimum sign-up for the cash draw is a 12-month debit order for R50 per month or R600 once-off.

    Sign up for as many entries as you want to increase your chances to win. 

    Prizes are allocated on a lucky draw basis on the 15th day of each month (excluding weekends and public holidays).

    The draw is done and verified by independent auditors. The auditors’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

    Winners will be notified and the prize money deposited into their bank account. 

    Winners agree to their names being published. The winner’s details will be published on the SPCA website.

    Any unclaimed prizes will revert back to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA after 12 months.

    The club is limited to 3300 members. 

    The prize money is guaranteed by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. 

    Tails Up Cash Draw contributions do not qualify for tax benefits and Section 18(a) receipts cannot be issued.

    Proceeds are used to fund the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Mobile Clinic Programme. 

    No tickets will be sold to persons under the age of 18.

    Society Lottery Scheme is registered with National Lotteries Commission (Reg No. 00149/14)
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