It takes time to heal the pain

It takes time to heal the pain

Lester will carry the scars of his ordeal for the rest of his life – but his eyes now shine with happiness.

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal.

I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

Anthony Douglas Williams

Animals’ eyes say so much.

Let’s play!” . . . “Is it dinner time?” . . . “You’re my best friend.” . . . “I love you.

And – more often in our line of work: “Please don’t hurt me.” . . . “I’m frightened.” . . . “Have you come to rescue me?” . . . “I don’t want to live anymore.

When we see pain, fear and hopelessness in the eyes of a rescued animal, we know we have to turn that around. Our job is to show animals that have been hurt, starved, beaten, overworked or abandoned that not all humans are cruel or thoughtless.

When we look into the eyes of an animal at our SPCA, we want to see trust.

But trust has to be earned – and that takes time.

For Lester, a stray dog that was brought in with severe burn wounds on his back, it took over four months! And, without generous support and donations from animal lovers like you, we would never have been able to provide all the food and veterinary care he needed to recover.

We don’t know what happened to Lester, or who was responsible for his injuries. But by the time he was brought to us, the wounds were infected and he was in excruciating pain.

He needed time to heal – on the inside as well as the outside – if he was to have any chance of being able to bond with new owners.

Thanks to the efforts of our vet and animal behaviorist – and support and online donations from friends like you that’s exactly what he got! You played your part in giving Lester a second chance to enjoy years of happy life with a new human family.

But for every dog, cat or horse who’s adopted from our SPCA, another sad, anxious or injured animal takes its place. And, with the busy festive holiday season fast approaching, I’m really worried about how we will save them all.

So we’ll be quite blunt:

Please will you make another donation towards the cost

of food and veterinary care by clicking here right now?

You won’t believe how many people abandon their pet without food or water while they go off on holiday! Or bring them into the SPCA and tell us that they simply don’t want them anymore. How do you do that to a dog or cat that’s been part of your family for years?

These animals are the ‘lucky’ ones. They still suffer broken hearts, anxiety and bewilderment as they watch beloved owners walk away without a backward glance. But at least they are safe here at the SPCA, where they have the chance of finding better homes . . .

. . . as long as we have the funds to feed and care for them in the meantime.

So please, please help us to help them, by clicking here to make your secure online donation now.

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