Will you help us to rescue them?

Cape of Good Hope SPCA - 2022 This Christmas, Cruelty Wont Take a Break 1
Cape of Good Hope SPCA - 2022 This Christmas, Cruelty Wont Take a Break 2

These dogs’ owners locked them in little boxes – outdoors – where they had to live, eat, sleep and use the toilet all in the same small space. They lived in their own mess, with no escape … until support from people like you sent the SPCA to rescue them.

If this had happened during summer, these animals would never have survived the heat. They were locked in, day in and day out, with no fresh air, no exercise, no attention.

Now, the holidays are almost here but we know that cruelty won’t take a break. More animals will need help urgently – we’ll receive desperate calls, at all hours of the day and night, to help injured animals, rescue those in distress and stop cruelty.

This is why we don’t get excited about the festive season – we get prepared.

Your gift, made here today, will help the SPCA stand strong for animals through Christmas and New Year. Will you please donate now?

One act of kindness today will reach abandoned animals – those dumped by the same people they love and trust. These are the ‘invisible’ animals … the ones nobody comes looking for, as if they never existed.

But we see them … we save them – because like every other animal, they matter to us. Your help now will show that they matter to you, too. Your gift could help an Inspector investigate cruelty, race to the rescue of wildlife, sponsor an injured pet’s emergency treatment – or provide safe shelter for an abandoned animal.

No matter how your donation helps through the holidays, it will result in action for animals, especially those who have nobody and nothing to count on – except for you and the SPCA.


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