We Step In

We are in the midst of a pet overpopulation crisis, and when animals are in crisis, we are too!

Facing the admission of an estimated

20 350

stray and unwanted animals this year, we must STEP IN NOW!

We Need Your Help!

Stepping In means taking proactive measures to address the root causes of pet overpopulation. By acting now with aggressive sterilisation drives, we can prevent the suffering of countless animals. Sterilisation comes at a cost, and we are as always completely reliant on your support. As an example, by sterilising 1,000 animals, we can prevent the birth of an estimated 9,500 animals in the next 12 months.

Left unsterilised 9 500 animals will become

85 000

in year two and 460 500 in year 3. 

Step in with us to ensure a compassionate future for all animals and a sustainable future for animal welfare

Inspectorate News

Flood Relief Update: Your Support in Action!

The recent severe weather has had a devastating impact on our communities, but thanks to your incredible support, we’ve been able to make a huge difference for animals in need. Because you cared, we could be where animals needed us the most and when they needed us, regardless of the time of day or night.

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Critical Update: Overwhelming Needs in Langa

Our team returned to Langa today to assess 100 more homes, and the situation is even more dire than anticipated. Straying dogs were found at nearly every turn, and we encountered undeniable cruelty that our Inspectorate will be addressing immediately.

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Each sterilisation costs R600. (You may donate more than one if you wish by entering a quantity in the box below)
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