You’ve proved that there’s no crisis of caring

You’ve proved that there’s no crisis of caring

Animal Welfare Assistant Lance Van der Ross

You’ve proved that there’s no crisis of caring

This lockdown has taught us that nothing comes between our team and animals that need help – no matter how tough the conditions – and that’s thanks to support from friends like you!

If you’ve already made a gift to help us through lockdown, thanks again! We’ve been moved by the dedication of our team, all of whom have sacrificed time at home to keep working for the animals – which is why I want to share with you what they’ve said . . .

Kennel Assistant, David, was honest enough to say that it’s been hard to be away from his family, but sharing cuddles with homeless pets has comforted him. (We think that works both ways!)

Our Chief Inspector, Jaco, also spent time helping pets who belong to homeless people. He said, “It’s a privilege to be of service to the companions of our homeless community during lockdown.”

Lance, our Animal Welfare Assistant, has been caring for a cat with a leg so badly broken, it had to be amputated. “I’m so glad I could be here to help her heal,” he told me.

Then there’s the cruelty . . . that hasn’t stopped! Ward Orderly Cameron has been keeping a close eye on Snoopy, a dog that was beaten with a golf club by a man who was out on parole for murder. He confided: “I’m glad he’s locked up now and I’m glad I could be here for Snoopy when she needed me.”

We’re proud of them – and we’re sure you are, too. And we’re thankful to every one of our friends who has sent words of encouragement and sent their donations. If you’d like to show your support now by clicking here to make your secure online donation, We’d be most grateful – because while we’ve kept working for animals throughout lockdown, several

fundraising events had to be cancelled. We’re counting on you now as much as the animals count on us.

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse
Kennel Assistant David Van der Westhuizen
Ward Orderly Cameron Joyce

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