Rabbits for Adoption

Are you looking to add a rabbit to your family?

We are looking for experienced owners who love caring for rabbits.

We have several rabbits that are friendly but independent and enjoy doing their own thing!

They eagerly wait for you to dish out their food, which includes hay and vegetables. They love their pellets scattered around for them to forage and to keep themselves busy.

Please note: Not all our rabbits enjoy being picked up. They require a spacious enclosure with lots of enrichment to keep them stimulated.

Please read our Rabbit Care Guide if you are considering adopting a rabbit


The SPCA is opposed to the keeping of domestic animals by those who do not have the facilities, time, financial means or level of interest to ensure optimal standards of care and husbandry for their companion animals.

The SPCA is opposed to the keeping of indigenous wild or exotic species as companion animals.


The SPCA recognises that many people seek the company and emotional attachment with animals, particularly domestic animals, and encourage a bond between them. However, after adopting an animal, the guardian must act responsibly. The SPCA is opposed to the keeping of any domestic animal by persons who cannot look after them properly. Animals have little choice as to where they find themselves, and it is the owner’s responsibility and duty to ensure that they do not take on any animals that they cannot effectively and responsibly care for.
To be a responsible pet owner it is vital that:

  • The decision to acquire a pet is properly considered, which includes what type of animal; the level of care; what would be suitable for the individual or family; etc.;
  • The owner can comfortably afford to own a particular animal/s. This should include not only being able to feed the animal adequately, but also be able to afford annual vaccinations; and deworming, including any extra veterinary costs that may unexpectedly occur;
  • The owner must have sufficient space for the animal to live a life where it is able to express normal behaviour – no chaining, caging or confining to small, unsuitable areas is acceptable;
  • The owner understands and meets the behavioural and social needs of the chosen animal;
  • Ensuring appropriate and reliable identification of the animal;
  • Training and socialisation of the animal to ensure the development of appropriate behaviour;
  • The responsible pet owner also ensures that his property has fencing or walling high enough to make certain the animal is unable to roam and ensures that any holes either in the fencing/walling (or under the fencing/walling) are effectively closed off to ensure that the animal remains on the property;
  • The owner must ensure that daily access to fresh, clean water and a correct diet is available for the type, size and age of animal in his care;
  • The animal must have suitable weatherproof shelter with a comfortable resting place (blanket/carpeting, etc.) that allows it to get out of reach of unsuitable weather conditions such as heat, cold, wind, dust or rain;
  • The animal must be sterilised at an appropriate age. Kittens and puppies can safely have the sterilisation procedure carried out between the ages of 8-12 weeks. It is not necessary for a female to have a litter before she is sterilised. This is a misleading notion that simply results in many unwanted animals being born; and
  • A responsible owner will also ensure that they can afford to spend quality and adequate time with the companion animal, which may include grooming, training and exercise.
We strongly suggest that research is done to establish the cost implications with regard to food, vaccinations, monthly de-fleaing, de-worming and vets bills (pet insurance is an option). Carefully consider whether you have the time required to successfully integrate the new pet into your household and the time to spend with your pet e.g. walking, playing and training.

Please note that all rabbits rehomed by the SPCA will be sterilised and microchipped. All adoptions are subject to a home inspection.

Please contact our Farmyard by sending an email to hcuadmin@spca-ct.co.za if you are interested in adopting one of our rabbits, or click on the button below

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