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When Matthew Hahm (11), Thorne Davids (10) and Alex Jacobs (9) came stumbling into our SPCA recently, each carrying a side of a baby car chair, they brought with them more than just an injured puppy. They also brought hope for a kinder future and proof that age is no barrier to taking action for animals! The three young heroes were still reeling in shock – they had been playing in the garden with Thorne’s puppy Bruno when a free roaming dog with intent to attack, chased Bruno into the street. They gave chase and reached Bruno just in time to see him being crushed by an oncoming car.  The driver of the vehicle didn’t bother to stop.  All this trauma would’ve been more than most of us could handle in one morning but the quick-thinking trio took down the vehicle licence plate number, bundled a bleeding Bruno into the only stretcher type object they could find and started the 2km, 30 minute walk from Parkwood to the SPCA.

It must’ve felt like a very long walk to them and as their young arms grew tired, they shared the load, each lifting a side of the chair and crab-walking and shuffling the distance to get help for Bruno.  Only once they were through the hospital doors and Bruno’s injuries were being assessed did his young owner, Thorne break down and cry.  As if that wasn’t enough to break all of hearts, Bruno eyes never left Thorne’s face – no matter which direction he was facing during the veterinary examination, his little head was always turned towards Thorne.  When pain made him a little snarly and snappy, it was only Thorne who could calm him so that our onsite veterinarian Dr Stephan Spamer could finish his initial assessment.  Trust like that is only born from loving care.  

Bruno had to be admitted to our hospital, he needed urgent pain management and x-rays under sedation to determine the full extent of his injuries.  Thorne had no choice but to leave his buddy behind but his heart was lighter and he was confident Bruno was in good hands. It’s this confidence that we can’t allow to be broken and this child who we can’t let down.  He’s done everything in his power to help his furry friend, the burden is now ours. We don’t know Thorne’s circumstances, we only see a very brave boy who needs and deserves the unconditional love of a pet. Bruno fortunately has no broken bones and we’ve been able to treat 2 of 3 badly damaged paws.  Unfortunately, his right front paw has deep tissue damage and the bone is exposed.  Dr Spamer is doing everything he can to save Bruno’s paw but it means a long, costly hospital stay with daily treatment and bandage changes.   If the paw doesn’t heal well, Bruno may need to undergo an amputation. Thorne doesn’t mind, he will love Bruno even if he is returned home with only 3 legs and we want nothing more than to reunite the two of them.  But we need your help! Contributions towards Bruno’s care will not only get Bruno healthy and home, it’ll help a child keep his faith in us and humanity. It will ensure his best buddy can be returned to him and keep his heart whole.

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PS!  Thorne, Matthew and Alex all gave their report of the incident to Inspector Theo Arendolf.  Unfortunately the trace details took us to an address in Lavender Hill where the property owner does not own a car, only a motorcycle.  It is an offence in terms of Section 2 of the Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962, to fail to seek veterinary care for an injured animal. This applies equally to those who accidentally or intentionally drive over animals and leave them to suffer and die in agony. This criminal offence is punishable by law and may result in a 12 month prison term and/or a maximum fine of R40 000.00 . If you happen to witness a hit and run, please take down the make, model and registration of the vehicle and report this incident as well as any injured animals you see on the side of the road to our Inspectorate on 021 700 4158/9 or after hours on 083 326 1604.

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