“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.” ― Charles M. Schulz

Our kennels are filled with many wonderful breeds of dogs, all looking for good homes.

For more information about a pet, contact our Adoption Centre on 0217004152 or email

If you own other dogs they will need to be sterilised

Emma is a female X Breed +-5months. She is a curious and active wee girl wiith a wonderful personality.

Bryce is a male X breed +-7months. He is a super friendly and loving boy with a playful nature. Will benefit from some training.

Phoebe is a female young adult Jack Russell X. She is a sensitive girl with lots of love to give. Enjoys attention and loves to be cuddled.

Socks is a male adult Pommy X. He is a super lovely guy – can be shy but warms up and is very sweet.

Duchess is a female Pittie X young adult. She is an affectionate and friendly girl.

Flaffels is a male Collie X young adult. A special boy with a lovely nature.

Garret is a male Collie X Adult. Active, friendly and loves his walkies.

Trixie is a female Wirehaired Terrier X. Super cute and lovable little girl.

Marla is a female X Breed young adult. A friendly girl with a happy nature.

Sadie is a female Labrador 2 yrs old. She is a very active and happy girl with lots of energy. Loves her walks and a good tummy rub. She needs training. No toddles or cats.

Lucas is a young male XBreed +-6 months. This handsome fellow is well socialised and super playful- maybe a bit too playful for toddlers. Puppy school needed.

Ned is an adult male X breed. He was found as stray – he is a lovely boy with a great personality that needs someone to love him. No cats or kids.

Katie is a female Jack Russell +-5 months. This lil’ lady is well socialised and so great with kids. Puppy school needed

Jinja is a young adult female Africanis. She is very well socialised and super affectionate. Will need a secure home – great with kids but no cats.

Charlie is a male adult Rottie 5yrs old. He is an active boy who came to us as a stray. So very affectionate and loving. No kids and best for those who know the breed.

Caleb is a male X breed +-6 months. This happy and playful guy is so much fun and well socialised. He is great with kids- puppy school needed.

Sebastian is a male adult Collie X. A lovely natured boy with such a happy, friendly personality.

Indie is a female X-Breed +-9 months. She is very active, loves attention but not fond of cats.Great nature and super sweet.

Jagger is a 6-year-old boxer staffie cross with the most amazing personality. This precious boy is full of energy and loves playing fetch. He walks extremely well on a leash.

Georgie is a female adult Jack Russell. She is a very confident lady with a zest for life. She is looking for a forever home with a male dog if possible.

Ginger is a male Lab X Boerbul +-1.5 yrs. He is a active boy with a sweet nature. He will benefit from training to build confidence.

Diesel is a very handsome young adult male. This big, energetic and friendly boy is really just a big puppy at heart. He is well-socialised with other dogs. No cats.

Kyle is a young adult male Collie X. He is very smart and needs stimulation. Good with other dogs and lovely nature.

Cesar is a gorgeous brindle young adult male, who was surrendered to our kennels. Ripley is a happy, sociable medium-size boy, with a loving nature.

Maxie is a female Staffie -+5yrs She is an active and friendly lady with a big heart. No other dogs; no cats; no kids; very secure property-escape artist.

Blue is a female Husky X +-7months. She is active and will need a secure home. She is very well socialised but must attend puppy school. A lovely girl.

Leah is a young adult female Husky. She is a super friendly and lovable lady. High energy and best suited to those who know the breed.

Ginger is a female young adult X Breed. She is a lovely girl with a great personality. Needs a secure property as she is an explorer.

Jimmy is a male X-Breed +-6 months. He is a happy and sweet boy who loves attention. Will benefit from some training.

Thomas is a young adult male X Breed. He is a lovely, sweet natured boy who loves to play and be with humans.

Angie is an adult female X Breed. She is an active and friendly girl. Loves attention and her walkies.

Jonah is a young male Pittie. He is super affectionate and fairly well socialised. Suited to a family with older children and those who know the breed.

Sonny is a male X Breed +- 6 months. He is an energetic and happy little boy. Will love a family of his own. Will enjoy training.

Maddy is a female adult Shepard X. She is a medium energy dog – very friendly and loves attention. Sensitive lady who will like older kids.

Riley is male adult X-Breed. He is a lovely and friendly boy. Loves to be with humans and a really sweet natured boy. May enjoy some training.

Brooklyn is a Wirehaired Terrier X 3yrs. He is a little shy and timid but warms up when he knows you. A happy and friendly boy. Can be dominant with other dogs.

Brodie is a male Jack Russell 5yrs. He is a shy boy at first that needs confidence. When he warms up he is a playful, energetic guy. Can be dominant with other dogs.

Tazzy is is a tiny young adult female who is energetic and well socialised. Despite her small stature, Tazzie is super smart and requires a well-secured property.

Boris is a young adult male Terrier X. He is very small and active. He does need more training and would suit a female dog. No cats or toddlers.

Duncan is a X-Breed adult, He is super friendly and such a bright boy. Would benefit from training and long walks. Suited to an active family that will lavish him with love.

Hendrix is a male adult Basset X. He is a happy and outgoing boy with a great personality. Best suited to those who know the breed.

Coolaroo Donates Dog Beds to Rescue Dogs

The amazing team from Coolaroo have ensured all the kennels at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA have their unique Coolaroo Pet Beds installed providing our rescued animals with a comfortable place to rest.

Each bed is designed from the unique Coolaroo knitted fabric which breathes, providing animals with hygienic and healthy bedding.

Coolaroo Dog Beds