We believe that humane education is fundamental in teaching people to respect and care for animals.

Throughout the year, our Education Team teaches school children about responsible pet care, animal welfare principles and the goals and mission of the SPCA. Education Officers visit pre-schools and primary schools throughout the greater Cape Town area to give talks, show DVDs and present the SPCA’s Ani-Pal Education programme, which includes an interactive puppet show and classroom activity booklets.

School children from impoverished communities are encouraged to bring their pets for free sterilisation and parasite control as part of our Ani-pals education programme.

In 2007, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Ani-Pal education programme was awarded top honours by the World Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (WSPA), which considered the animal welfare educational programmes from organisations in 90 countries.


The programme consists of two legs:

  1. An exciting puppet show, starring Sipho, Zoe, Sally and Twinkles, aimed at Grade 3 to 5 pupils. This teaches them the five Ani-Pal care rules. Role-play using puppy ears, and educational posters highlight the five rules and the relation between healthy pets and healthy children;
  2. A special SPCA Mobile Clinic day at the school. Schools in underprivileged areas – and community members from the surrounding area – are encouraged to bring their pets to the Mobile Clinic to be sterilized free of charge.

To recognise responsible, caring behavior, children who hand their pets in to be sterilized at the Mobile Clinic are rewarded with a photograph of themselves and their pet in an Ani-Pal photo frame. This ensures that the Ani-Pal pet care rules remain uppermost in their minds and they continue to be responsible pet owners.

The Ani-Pal material and puppet show is available to all children throughout the greater Cape Town area.

Contact us: To make a booking for a school group to visit the SPCA or for the SPCA education team to visit your school, please call our Education Unit on 0217004181 or email


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