CTPUP Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project

CTPUP Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA, Identipet and atFrits Pet Hotel & Daycare Centre have now joined forces to introduce the annual Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project (CTPUP) every last Saturday of every month at De Waal Park, Molteno Road. The first CTPUP will be on the 31st August 2019.

The average cost of a vaccination and microchip ranges from R400 to R700. But full vaccination, sterilisation and micro-chipping can be purchased for only R450 at atFrits, your local vet and selected pet stores. Capetonians can now ‘paw’ it forward with this initiative, by purchasing a voucher for a disadvantaged person during the month and on the last Saturday of every month the voucher can be redeemed at the SPCA mobile unit in De Waal Park.

This way we can all ensure that dogs making use of public pet spaces are healthier and safer to
be around each other- a win-win for all pet owners. “A healthy animal means a healthy community”, says Yanic Klue, owner of atFrits Pet Hotel and Daycare Centre.

In relationship with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, atFrits will become the official CTPUP port of call for homeless people seeking medical attention for their animals and will help facilitate followup vaccinations as well as pick-ups and drop-offs of the tended to animals. This is a lifelong commitment, where all parties involved strive to create a safer space for all animals, whether they are fortunate enough to benefit from regular veterinary care or not.

“With this initiative we can change the lives of so many in Cape Town, and my biggest wish is that events like CTPUP be embraced the world over. By standing together and making sure that animals are afforded the opportunity to be healthy and happy, we are contributing to the beautiful spirit of the city and acting as a true community”, says Klue.

Proceeds raised will go towards the Cape of Good Hope SPCA so that they can keep doing amazing work for disadvantaged animals in dire need of love and veterinary attention.

Date:    31st August, thereafter the last Saturday of every month
Venue: De Waal Park, Molteno Road.
Time:    09:00 – 12:30pm
The first CTPUP event will be on the 31st August 2019.
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