Our Farmyard was opened in June 2011. It provides shelter and care for stray and confiscated livestock.

Our Inspectors regularly remove stray cattle and goats left to pasture dangerously on the side of major highways; confiscate chickens kept in filthy conditions with no food and water from roadside markets and regularly take in neglected sheep.

We also inspect farming practices and abattoirs and provide advice to the City Council where necessary. This unit has the power to confiscate animals deemed to be at risk and to prosecute offenders.

Farm animals and poultry have the same rights as any other creature:

  1. Appropriate food and constant access to fresh, clean drinking water.
  2. To be kept in an appropriate environment that provides shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  3. Prompt veterinary attention when necessary to treat illness or injury.
  4. Sufficient space to move around freely, and company.
  5. To be treated in a way that ensures freedom from fear and distress, in conditions that avoid mental suffering.

Contact us: Lindsay Willis on 0217004173 / Horse Care Unit Manger