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Amy Grainger is a member of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, an Animal Guardian and a Tails Up Club member who has had quite a journey with the SPCA movement, a journey that started over 60 years ago!

Celebrating over 60 years supporting the SPCA, Amy Grainger pictured here on the 150th Birthday of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA

We were quite blown away when Amy recently sent us a copy of the receipt for her first donation of 6/6d (6 Shillings and 6 Pennies) made on the 3rd of August 1960. This means that Amy has been contributing to a kinder world for animals for around sixty years.

Astonishingly, Amy has the receipt for her first SPCA donation of 6 Shillings and 6 Pennies, made on 3 August 1960! This means that Amy has been contributing to a kinder world for animals for around 60 years. Amy, we salute you and your big heart for animals –thank you for your commitment.

Amy Grainger, who has been one of the longest-standing SPCA donors since 1960, recalled how enthusiastic she was about the organisation when she made her first visit to the facility at the age of 12.

“After taking my Alsatian to the SPCA after fighting with other dogs in the neighbourhood, my heart broke at the sight of dogs being caged at the centre.

“With each doing a dance and giving a smile so that I may take it home. It was then that I became a volunteer.

“Scrubbing was, of course, my first job, but I did not mind it at all. I loved having something to do over the weekends and being useful. When the mail came asking for donations, accompanied by pictures of starving dogs, I took it upon myself to get a little black book and go door to door in the neighbourhood, asking for a donation.”

“I was only about 12 at the time, and when I asked to join, I got the training needed to help train dogs so that they could be adopted. I so loved this. When volunteers were needed to help with fundraising, standing with a tin for several hours outside, I was there,” said Grainger.

Amy, we salute you and your heart for animals and thank you for your commitment to the cause.

Amy Grainger - SPCA Animal Guardian

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