Brilliant, Beautiful Bali

It’s hard to believe that a pet owner would refuse an offer of veterinary care for their injured dog … but that’s exactly what motivated SPCA Inspector Jeffery Mfini to return to the home of a badly injured dog with a court order to remove the dog. But the dog, he was told, had ‘disappeared’.

After an SPCA social media post offered R5 000 for information on the dog’s location, the police were notified that the dog had reappeared that night. Inspector Mfini immediately arranged for a police escort and returned to the Wallacedene property to retrieve Bali, as she was named.

After receiving emergency treatment at the closest private vet, Bali was transferred to the SPCA’s animal hospital where the extent of her wounds became evident. She had several abrasions, including one that left the cartilage on one hind leg exposed, as well as a broken leg.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also had Ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease that affects the clotting capacity of her blood. Treating that had to be a priority before she could face surgery; and with a strict pain management protocol, Bali was kept as comfortable as possible to give her the best chance of beating the infection – and a second chance at life.

Thanks to the loving care of the hospital staff, Bali’s recovery progressed beautifully and finally, the SPCA vet was able to operate on her badly broken leg.

Sadly, after surgery and a recovery period, it became clear that the operation was not successful and Bali’s leg had to be amputated.

But does that hamper Bali? Not at all! Vastly improved health and renewed trust in people has seen Bali’s personality blossom. Far from being the frightened little dog that Inspector Mfini saved from a criminally negligent owner, Bali’s a loving little girl that laps up – and returns – as much love as she receives.

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